A Noble Uchiha 4



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    A Noble Uchiha 4

    Post by Kura-Uchiha on Fri Feb 12 2010, 00:39

    It's late in suna and Kura is tired. She spent the day with Gaara, Temari and Kankuro and had alot of information thrown at her. She falls down onto her bed for the few days she is there. she curls up and picks up kuro, hugging him tightly.
    "Kuro, i wish that i was just a normal person...." she quietly says. He nuzzles her neck then curls up with her.
    "I know Kura, but you arn't... when are you going back to Jaccan?"
    "No!" She sits up, blushing. "Kuro... He's my best friend... but i can't do it! I can't give in to my parents and their damn desires!" she yells. She blushes more, slapping her hand over her mouth. She looks sadly out a window, the moon oddly bright.
    "You do love him..."
    "No!" she shakes her head. "No... i-i don't... it's just a stupid arranged marriage..." she lies back down.
    "You only dont want it because they did. at least admit it."
    "No!" she curls up tighly, back to kuro. He jumps onto her side.
    "Kura...." She shuts her eyes tight. "Stop being a child!" she opens her eyes, looking sadly at the wall infront of her.
    "but... i never got to be a kid... can't i be one for a little while? just... just have a change to really relax... is it so wrong to desire a chance to live the life i was never aloud to have..." she closes her eyes again, wanting to sleep.
    "kura..." Kuro sighs, wishing he didn't have to act like a parent with her. but she was right... sort of... she never got to be a kid. never got to live truly peacefully... she deserved something... but still........

    It's early in the morning, still dark. Kura feels a hand brush against her cheek. She opens her eyes but doesn't see anyone. she closes the again, thinking maybe kuro is up...
    "Kura..." She jumps and sits up, looking around. No one.
    "Hello..." she slowly reaches under her pillow for a kunai. Someone grabs her wrist. She jumps and looks into the eyes of a man.
    "Kura..." She's frightened.
    "No... NO!!! YOU ARN'T HERE!!" she's yanked out of her bed, then smacked. He hits her square in the back and she whimpers as she stands up straight.
    "A ninja... you went and disobeyed!" he smacks her and she holds still, trying not to be too loud with her whimpering. "You were to go be with him! you should have done at least one thing to be a good child!" he smacks her again, harder, so hard she's thrown back onto the bed. "Insolent little brat... GET UP!" she obeys.
    "Please, don..." She's smacked.
    "DID I SAY YOU COULD TALK?!" She whimpers and is smacked again. She quiets down, biting her toung so she wont cry. "That's better." He circles her, looking her up and down. "Horrible, disgusting. You are a disgrace!" He stops behind her and shakes his head. She feels the sweat dripping as she wonders why she can't fight, why she's acting like she used to... why... why is she afraid.... why is he here.... why is he hurting her....
    "D-d-da-da-dad...." She chokes out. He smacks the back of her head.
    "You call me sir or father, only your sister may call me dad." She bites her lip then turns.
    "Stop it! Stop it stop it! Forget tenshi! I'm the oldest and i never acted wrong! I behaved and i did what i was told and i took your beatings in silence! I didn't hurt people and i wasn't cruel! Why do you hurt me?! Why do you punish me for doing nothing?! why does she get off like she is an angel! SHE ISN'T AN ANGEL AND DESERVES TO DIE!" Kura yells. She's smacked.
    "Be quiet!" She stares blankly at her father. A tall, well built man. He looks fightening with his black hair and eyes. She cringes at his sight, at his touch, at his demanding and hateful voice. "You deserve to die."
    "NO! NO I DONT!" She screams, unable to take this. All her life these lines had been repeated... why did he come back... why can't he leave her alone... "YOU ARE DEAD SO RETURN TO THE GRAVE!!!"
    "I DON'T HAVE A GRAVE!!! YOU BURNED ME!!! YOU BURNED ALL OF US!! YOU DESTROYED US WITHOUT ALLOWING US TO FIGHT BACK!!" he grabs her kunai from under her pillow and shoves it into her stomach. "So die..."
    "n...n..." she falls to her knees, holding the kunai.
    "You will never get away with disobeying, you will never get away with the murders..."
    "We're on your mind...." she looks up to see the last person to speak was not only her father, but her entire family. aunts, uncles, cousins and her parents. "We will never let you live peacefully!"
    "You will die and you will deserve the horrible death you recieve..." Her father says. she feels the tears fill her eyes as the pain begins to take hold of her. She falls down......

    "NO!" She bolts upright, sweating. She'd thrown kuro off in sitting up so her yawns and looks at her.
    "Kura? what's wrong?" He asks. She holds her head.
    "Damn it... even in sleep..."
    "it's nothing kuro..." she looks out the window. "just.... a memory..." she lies back down and goes back to sleep.............

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