A Noble Uchiha 2



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    A Noble Uchiha 2

    Post by Kura-Uchiha on Sun Jan 31 2010, 18:18

    The light is slowly fading as the group makes their way to Suna. Kuro whispers to Kura.
    "You know they're there right?"
    "Yes Kuro, they've been for a while."
    "You have a plan? They want to see you."
    "I know, don't worry." She sighs quietly, wishing she didn't have to watch the Hokage. Finally it gets dark and the group must stop. As the hokage rests by the fire the four talk.
    "We'll take the first watch so you can rests." Two of the other members say. Kura shakes her head.
    "You guys know I can last longer then you, so you two can go to sleep. I'll keep watch at a distance and Jon can keep watch here at camp."
    "You sure?"
    "Yes, you two just relax." Kura looks at the Hokage. "And you should be getting to sleep old man." He laughs.
    "I may be old but i do like to be out at night. I'll go to sleep soon enough." He says. Kura sighs, feeling like she's watching a child.
    "Alright, I'm going to head out." Kura says. She disapears in the shadows of the trees. A few minutes later she's at the top of a tree a ways from camp. She looks around, then makes a few signs. "shadow sight." she's able to see through the shadows. She looks around through them, checking to make sure everything is as it should be. When she breaks the jutsu she hops down and makes her way to a clearing where two men are waiting for her. She takes off her mask and pushes down her hood, pulling her hair out of the robe. "Hey guys." She smiles. The two take of their hats, itachi and kisame smiles back at her.
    "Hey kid." Kisame says. Kura shakes her head.
    "I told you! Stop calling me a kid! I'm not much younger then itachi!" Kura says. Kisame chuckles.
    "Still a kid to me." He smiles and kura sighs, but smiles back.
    "I'm glad I get to finally see you two again. It's been a long time." Kura says. "Itachi, before you ask, things are okay and he's doing fine." Itachi smiles.
    "Okay." Kura shakes her head, then hugs him.
    "I miss having you and Jaccan around. It's so boring around without you two." She sighs. Itachi hugs her back.
    "You seem to be doing fine on your own." He says.
    "But i want you two back!" she whines childishly, then smiles up at him. He shakes his head, trying not to laugh. She always could make him smile, no matter how he was feeling before.
    "You are a kid." He chuckles. She smiles and pulls away.
    "So where are you two headed?" Kuro asks. Kura pets him.
    "Apparently the same place as you two." Kisame says. Kura sighs.
    "You two just love making my job hard don't you?" She shakes her head. Kisame ruffles her hair. "Hey!"
    "You're the one making out jobs hard." He says.
    "How do I make YOUR jobs hard?" She asks, eyebrow raised.
    "You're always in the way." She shakes her head.
    "Yeah yeah, whatever you say" she smiles. "Well i can't stay too long, i need to go back to work."
    "We'll see you later." Kisame says. Kura smiles and hugs itachi, then kisses him on the cheek, same with kisame.
    "Bye guys!" She puts the hood and mask back on and heads back to camp. As she hops from branch to branch a kunai hits her arm. She stops and pulls it out, then looks for her attacker. She's surprised to realize it is Jon. "Jon! What are you doing?"
    "I saw you... you, you were with..." He stutters, not really wanting to believe what he saw. She sighs and rubs the back of her head.
    "Great... I really don't want to have to kill you, it'll be hell to explain..." She says. Kuro taps her shoulder.
    "Sing." He says. She nods and begins to sing. Jon covers his ears, but he can't block out her voice. He falls down, put to sleep by her singing. She sighs.
    "Great, now i gotta convince him he just fell asleep at camp." She shakes her head and hops down, picking him up and taking him back to camp....

    "oh... my head...." Jon wakes up. He sees Kura leaning on a tree on the other side of camp. He's nervous. "K-Kura..."
    "Jon, i thought you could handle taking the first watch with me. When i got back you were asleep." Kura says. She walks over and kneels infront of him. "Next time i hope you can handle your job." She takes his mask off and pulls down his hood, looking at his head. He blushes, not used to her being so close. "Well, our turns up, i'm going to wake up the guys and we can get some sleep." She takes off her mask and pulls her hair out from her robe, then smiles at him. "alright, lets go get them." She stands and walks over to one of the tents, walks in, then drags out the two guys.
    "Kura!" They whine in unison.
    "Wake up, your turn." She says as she lets them go. "We're going to bed." She smiles as she goes into the tent and curls up in one corner, Kuro curling up with her. Jon stares at the tent, wondering if what he thought happened really was just a dream. He shakes his head and sighs, too tired to think deeply about anything...

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