A Noble Uchiha



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    A Noble Uchiha

    Post by Kura-Uchiha on Sun Jan 31 2010, 02:58

    It's early in the day at Konaha. A young girl is sitting in a tree, playing a flute as people pass by the otherside of the lake. Her golden and crimson hair shine in the morning sun. It's late in the fall, and she is soon to be 17. Her headband is tied loosly around her neck.
    "Hey up there." She stops playing and looks down to see the smiling face of one of her few living relatives, sasuke. "Gonna stay up there all day Kura?" She shakes her head, giggling.
    "Good morning to you too Sasuke." She smiles. "How is your training going?" He shrugs.
    "Nothing new to learn." He sighs. She hops down and ruffles his hair.
    "Hey, don't be so down about it." She smiles. "At least you don't have to deal with all the new kids in my job." They begin walking around the lake, heading to the academy. "Don't your classes for the day start soon?"
    "Yeah..." He sighs, not really wanting to go and deal with the classes.
    "Come on, you're gonna be graduating soon and it won't be long until you've caught up to me." She ruffles his hair again. "Now get to class." They split up Kura pushes some hair out of her face. As she walks down a quiet street she sees a flash of orange running across it. she shakes her head, sighing.
    "Haha! I got away!" Naruto cheers. Suddenly he runs into something soft and is flung backwards. He rubs his head as he looks up at Kura, a few white feathers floating around her. He wonders where they came from as he stands up.
    "Naruto." She shakes her head. "What are you doing?"
    "It's none of your buisness." He says defiantly. She walks over to him and flicks his nose. "OW!"
    "You are always in trouble, come on." She grabs his wrist and begins dragging him back to the academy.
    "Hey! Let go!" He yells.
    "Oh be quiet. You need to go to class so you can actually pass a test and graduate." When they reach the academy she drags him to his classroom and leans on the doorframe as he angrily walks to his seat.
    "Kura, good to see you." Iruka says. She smiles at him.
    "Good to see you too Iruka." She looks at the class, thinking of the days when she and itachi were in this room together, training together. She sighs, then looks at a clock. "Shoot..." she waves. "Bye Iruka!" She runs off, realizing she's late. She runs home, changes and puts on her mask, then picks up the sleeping cat on her bed. "Kuro, time to go. The Hokage wants to go on that trip, remember?" The cat yawns and smiles. she smoothes out the ruffed up patch of white, heart shaped fur on the black cats forhead, then puts him on her shoulder and takes off running. Even running late she has arrived before the other members of her squad, who she scolds as they wait for the Hokage to come out to leave.
    "Please, we are sorry."
    "No! You three need to be on time! I expect each of you to always be here before me! I'd be a horrible squad leader if I didn't make you all arrive when you're supposed to!"
    "We're sorry." The three sigh and she shakes her head, her cat mask reflecting the sunlight.
    "Be here on time next time." The hokage walks out and they turn to him.
    "Well, are you four ready to go?"
    "Yes sir." Kura says. "Though we still think you should just wait until he comes here for your meeting sir."
    "You worry too much." He smiles. "Lets go then." Kura sighs as the group heads off, making their way to the Village hidden in the sand...

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