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    A Noble Uchiha 5

    Post by Kura-Uchiha on Sun Feb 28 2010, 18:55

    Kura wanders outside Suna. It's the last day there. She sighs as she sits down and leans on some rock, hiding in its shade. She looks at the village, wondering how all the problems its having are going to be resolved. She sighs again.
    "Kura..." She pets kuro who purrs.
    "Stupid politics and just..." she sighs, running her fingers through her hair. "Kuro, i can't do it..."
    "You have to."
    "But i can't!" she stands up. "All of this stupidity is soo boring. Everything everyone is trying for is out of their reach because they don't have a clue what they are doing. and i dont want to be like that and make stupid decisions. i have enough people mad at me just for being an uchiha!"
    "Kura, you have no choice. One of these days you are going to get caught up in something. Then you will have to."
    "You're supposed to be on my side." She leans on the rock again, looking up at the sky. "Kuro..."
    "Where are they?"
    "North, south, and south west, all about 100 yards."
    "Got it..." she sighs, grabbing her sword. "Idiots..."
    "Why are they always doing this?"
    "Because they know, but they can't prove it." She smirks slightly. 12 ninja then surround her.
    "Kura uchiha..." She looks up at the one standing on the rock, glaring down at her. "Isn't it about time you've paid for your crimes?"
    "I don't know what you're talking about." She points the sword at him. "But you better leave me alone. you stalkers are getting on my nerves." he smirks.
    "Don't worry, we won't bother you anymore once we've made you pay."
    "Prove i've done something and i'll answer for it." he loses his smirk, now glaring.
    "No one can prove what you did but we know what you did. you have no right to be free like you are."
    "either prove it, or leave." She rests the sword on her shoulder. "or you will pay for annoying me." in reply to her threat all twelve pounce on her. After a few seconds a light flashes and all of them are thrown off. Her angellic wings stretch out and she growls. "I warned you. Last chance." Everyone stands up and a few look hesitant. But the leader, a man with no hair and brown eyes, attacks. The others follow. Kura ducks under his punch then grabs his hand, spinning and throwing him into 3 others. She then kicks the feet out from under another lacky then spins and kicks him into another 3. She swings her sword back and the dull end smacks one guy in the back of the neck, hitting just right to knock him out. She looks at the last 3. "Boo." She smirks as they run.
    "Bravo." Kuro says. She sighs, putting her sword away. She picks up the leader by the front of his shirt and growls.
    "Now i said leave me alone or there will be hell to pay." she drops him and walks back to the village, her wings disapearing. As she walks in she stops and looks at Gaara. He follows her and the two walk through the village.
    "Who were they?" He asks after a while. She rubs the back of her head. "Some jerks. Don't worry about it."
    "What are you supposed to pay for?" She looks at the ground, wishing he wouldn't have asked that.
    "I-it's nothing."
    "I said it's nothing." She stops. "I probably need to go to the hokage. We gotta get ready to leave..." she turns. "You can come with if you want." He shakes his head.
    "I need to go." He glances back at Temari.
    "Alright." She smiles and waves. "Bye Gaara!" She walks away, feeling bad for hiding from what few friends she has. She goes to see the Hokage, in her outfit. He smiles at her.
    "Kura, are you ready for the trip back home?" He asks. She nods.
    "Yes sir."
    "Talked to itachi lately?" she freezes, not realizing he knew.
    "Wh-what do you mean sir?" He looks a bit sad. "I-I havn't talked to him since he left."
    "Kura..." He shakes his head. "I do know all about your past." She's scared now. If he knew then why hadn't he done anything? what is he going to do? "I've known like everyone else."
    "You know that everyone has ideas." She nods, unsure of what to do. "But i know exactly what happened. and always have."
    "S-sir... then..."
    "Because I know what you are really like and what you are truly capable of." He smiles. She sighs.
    "i... thank you." She bows. She knows that if he wanted she could be put through alot right now. Jail, risk execution, all sorts of things. What she has done is unforgivable, yet she has been forgiven by the only one who may somehow have an ounce of proof.
    "That is why you have been expected to do more." He puts a hand on her shoulder. "So you know." She nods.
    "I'm doing my best sir. And i always will."
    "Good." He smiles. "Now lets relax. Is there something you actually needed?" She shakes her head.
    "I was just checking on you sir." She says. He nods and heads for the door.
    "why dont we go for a walk." She nods and follows. As they walk around the village many small children follow them. Kura looks back at the little crowd and stops. The hokage does as well. She bends down and motions for the kids to come closer. They do.
    "Do you kids need something?" She asks.
    "We wanna see the hokage! we havn't seen him before!" She smiles and stands, looking back at the hokage.
    "They wanna see you sir." He chuckles and goes over, talking with the children. Kura yawns and looks around. It's very peacefull today, and very nice out. She looks back and watches as the children run off, giggling as they run home to tell their parents they met the hokage. He then continues walking and kura follows.
    "Do you like children?" He asks. She nods.
    "Yeah..." She thinks back to a fire. An evil laugh fills the air as children, wishing they could scream, are burned. She twitches and shakes her head as if she could shake the memory out. "They are precious..." The hokage glances at her, knowing whats going through her mind and wondering how she is able to live with what she has done......

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