A Noble Uchiha 3



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    A Noble Uchiha 3

    Post by Kura-Uchiha on Sun Jan 31 2010, 21:28

    Finally at Suna, Kura sighs. She knows out of the four of them, she's going to have to go into that boring meeting with the Hokage and stay wth him. Kuro is asleep on her shoulder. She wishes she could just sleep the day away like him.
    "Alright, why don't we go. The Kazekage is expecting us." The Hokage says. Kura sighs, thinking she deserves a raise for what she does as the group makes their way to the meeting. When they reach the Kazekage's office they are directed to another room where only the Hokage and Kura are allowed to enter. The three wait outside. As the two begin their meeting Kura begins to daydream, bored with all these talks and everything that happens in these meetings. Kuro begins whispering to her.
    "You need to pay attention to what happens Kura. You can't escape politics and meetings forever. You know that."
    "i can try..."
    "You're a noble, whether you like it or not."
    "You sound like mom."
    "Just be glad i'm not her." Kura sighs quietly. "Kura..."
    "I know Kuro... these things just bore me so much... i wish i was just an ordinary uchiha..."
    "Kura." She looks over at the Hokage.
    "Yes sir?"
    "Send one of the boys in. You need a break."
    "Sir, I'm fine." He just smiles at her. She sighs, but is happy to be out of there. She walks out. "Ramon, go in." She says. He nods and does. "I've been told to take a break, so i'll see you two later." She disapears. She ends up in a park, her cloak and mask gone. She stretches, glad to be rid of the ridiculously hot outfit. As she walks she sees a young boy with red hair, sitting alone under a tree. she recognizes him from her last visit to suna and sits next to him. He looks at her.
    "what?" He asks.
    "Can't I just hang out with you Gaara?" She smiles at him. He looks confused, then he remembers.
    "Kura?" She nods. "Why are you here?"
    "Your father and the Hokage are talking." She says. she closes her eyes, glad she can finally relax. "Why are you out here all alone?"
    "You know why." He looks at the park, empty. She looks at him, sad.
    "Gaara..." She runs her fingers through his hair. "I wish things weren't so bad for you..." He looks at her, into her eyes. She winces, unable to stand the shock of pain she got.
    "what?" He asks, confused by her look. She shakes her head, smiling.
    "It's nothing." Kuro looks worried.
    "Kura..." he whispers. "you know you shouldn't read his soul, it's too torn, it'll hurt you." She looks at Kuro, sad. He shakes his head. "You can't help him like this, you know that. Stop hurting yourself it wont do anything." She sighs and pets Kuro.
    "So Gaara, is there anything i can help you with today?" He shakes his head. She sighs. "well... at least it's a nice day." She smiles.
    "there you are!" They look up to see temari running over. "Gaara! Why did you run away?!" Kura stands and smiles at Temari.
    "I'm sorry, I pulled him away so that we could talk and try to catch up a bit." She bows. "I am really sorry for the trouble Temari."
    "Oh, Kura, when did you get here?"
    "Oh, thats whats going on. The hokage and the kazekage are having a meeting."
    "Yes." Kura smiles.
    "Well umm... If you have Gaara I guess that's alright." She looks at Gaara then back at Kura who claps her hands together.
    "I have an idea! Why don't we all go get some icecream! My treat!" she smiles at them. Both agree and the group goes to find Kankuro. The four then go and Kura buys everyone icecream. She smiles as she licks her cone, kuro eyeing it.
    "So Kura, how long are you here?" Temari asks.
    "Only a few days." Kura smiles. "But for the most part those few days are going to be very relaxed.... hopefully."
    "Well it's always great to have you here." Temari smiles.
    "It's always great to be here!" Kura smiles back. The group goes for a walk and fill each other in on whats been going on in both villages....

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