A new Begginning [part five]


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    A new Begginning [part five]

    Post by Onthewaytocourage on Sat Dec 01 2007, 10:47

    Honba strode on with Hinata following him. It was not that she wanted to be his shadow, but every time she fell one metre away from him he would stop and would not let the rest of the group continue. Hitoame trailed on with you at the back of the crowd. You didn’t really talk to Hitoame but when you did it was small talk. Hello, how are you, I’m fine and so on. So you guessed you might as well have a chat now.
    “Hitoame, how do you know Honba?” you asked watching the twenty two year old man stare at Honba with hate in his eyes. It was several moments until Hitoame replied as if your question took that long to get to him.
    “He’s my cousin. Unfortunately” he said gripping his axe. You looked down to see his hand tightening and stepped back. Just in case he got too angry.
    “Why do you hate him so?” you asked feeling that this question was pushing it but you wanted to know. Hitoame took in three sharp breathes and looked at the ground. As if asking it for help. He then stared at you.
    “He killed my older brother, Hibiki. And my mother. He also forced fear into my clan” explained Hitoame grimly. You nodded and watched as he walked up to the stopped group crowding around. You could tell he had told it so many times. But it still hurt him. Well it would. You decided to join the crowd and see what the fuss was about.
    “Neji, I thought your bloodline limit was unstoppable” moaned Naruto looking suicidal. Neji sighed hating being the one in the fault.
    “I have a blind spot. They must’ve known this” he said in a quiet voice. It didn’t matter how much you wanted to jump around shouting that he was wrong. You did pity him. He felt defeated. That feeling was horrible.
    “What’s going on?” you asked feeling left out. Everyone sighed and stared at you. You looked at the floor in embarrassment.
    “The sound are coming. They found us” said Sasuke looking around in the trees. You gulped. We were hungry and thirsty now. And no one had brought anything. Stupid Meimei for leaving in a rush.
    “Well. You’re not so flawless then” came a voice behind you. All of you turned to see two of the sound ninja standing in a ‘we’re so gonna kick your arse’ position. You gazed up at them. It was the bulkiest one of the group. And the one with the glasses. You heard Meimei tut behind you. You turned to see Rubi waving at the glasses boy and giggling. Again he went red.
    “I’ll handle this” said Honba staring both straight in the eyes. Hitoame and Honba were the only ones who matched the sound heights. The rest of you felt small and weak.
    “How do we know you’re not gonna run off and leave us?” said Hitoame glancing at Honba then peering at the sound. Honba didn’t answer this question.
    “Just go” he commented putting his hands just in front of the two ninjas. An ice wall formed in front of them and looked as if it went on forever. Hitoame sighed and walked back.
    “Come on” he said jumping into the trees. You jumped in the trees but stayed there. Intrigued to see the fight. Honba stood there and watched their figures move behind the wall. The bigger one seemed to lean back and then jump forward. Pieces of ice flew in all directions and a huge fist appeared. Two arms then came in sight and then broke more sizes off so it was big enough for a human to get through. They both came through and the big one rushed up to Honba and pinned him up against a tree.
    “Wait! Wait” he said putting his hands in front of the mans face to try and calm him down. The attacker didn’t talk. He just waited for Honba to continue.
    “Before we fight. I want your names” he said looking at both. The man looked behind him to see the four eyes nod. He turned back to Honba and gripped him even more tightly.
    “Jiroubo. And that is Kabuto” he said pointing at the Kabuto. There was silence for several seconds until Kabuto spoke.
    “What about you?” he asked coaxing his glasses. Honba looked at the floor.
    “Mmm. Don’t feel like it” he muttered pushing Jiroubo to the ground and blocking a kunai from Kabuto. Honba ran to Kabuto and stabbed him in the thigh with his own Kunai. He then charged the wall and pressed his had towards it. He looked back to see Jiroubo getting up. He slowly pulled his hand away further and further and a long ice like pole came out of it. He held it in his hand and the two ends were sharp. He walked slowly towards Jiroubo who looked quite nervous. Jiroubo charged him staring hard. Honba calmly stood still as if nothing had changed.
    “Come on Honba move! Move! Mooooveee!” you shouted at the top of your voice. Your voice was luckily caught by the wind and never reached their ears. You closed your eyes praying that Honba wasn’t that stupid. You heard a shout of pain and suddenly opened your eyes. You saw Honba holding the staff and it going straight through Jiroubo’s stomach. You clapped your hands in victory. Even though that sight was horrible. Honba kicked him off and threw the stick to the ground. Jiroubo landed next to a tree and laid still. But he was still yelling in pain. Honba touched the tree and you watched as it all turned to ice. Including the leaves. They were now sharp daggers. Honba punched the tree and watched as the leaves fell and dug into the sound’s head. You gritted your [size=16]
    teeth as you watched. Now that was horrible. You pointed at Kabuto who was getting up even though you knew he couldn’t see you. Honba turned round and pushed Kabuto back to the ground. He stared right into his eyes and suddenly Kabuto became limb and made no other moments. You stared in confusion at what just happened and decided to ask. You jumped down from the tree and Honba went wide eyed a bit scared.
    “How did you do that?” you asked pointing at Kabuto. Honba looked behind him and peered at the dead being.
    “My jutsu, other than ice, is death. My eyes can trigger the heart to stop” he said jumping into the trees. That’s probably how he killed Hibiki and his aunt you thought following him. You would be careful with him for now on.
    “Wow, you actually came back. And you didn’t kill Becca Houka” Hitoame commented staring at Honba. Honba raised his eyes in sarcasm and sat by a tree. He just stared into space.
    “Did you bring any food?” asked Komadori looking at Hitoame. Hitoame stared down at him thinking to himself.
    “Er, no” he said looking around.
    “I see you’re the top genius” murmured Rokotsu sitting by Honba. Hitoame glared at him.
    “Ok, I found a dear out by the forest. If we kill that we can eat it” said Meimei putting her hands on her hips and winking at you. You smiled back. You were friends now. It was nicer than hate.
    “No!” shouted Rubi waking everyone up from their daydream. “We can’t eat a dear!” she shouted trying to make eye contact with people to make them support her. Everyone looked away/
    “Oh stop being such a baby. Rokotsu you wouldn’t mind going to get it for me darling?” she asked smiling at him. He sighed and stood up. He couldn’t exactly turn her down. She risked her life for him. He walked passed her and stopped when their eye line matched.
    “You owe me” he said cheekily. He tied his arms round her waste and pulled her into him.
    “Get off!” shouted Meimei kicking him and breaking free. She turned round and stared at him in disgust. Rokotsu smiled.
    “You touch my sister. Ever again. And I’ll break your neck” threatened Meimei standing in in front of her. Rokotsu walked back.
    “Ok. I’ll just go and get the dear” he said walking deeper into the forest. Honba laughed and leaned back. You stared at Meimei wondering about her. Well she wasn’t a slut, she was smart, she was nice, she was strong and she was confident. You had been wrong about her all this time. You turned to see Sasuke falling asleep. Oh no he don’t. Fall asleep and leave you all alone. Hell no!

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