A new Begginning [part one]


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    A new Begginning [part one]

    Post by Onthewaytocourage on Thu Nov 22 2007, 13:57

    You and Sasuke were together and you had no intention of changing that. But there was one problem. Well technically, four problems. The mist siblings. You hated their guts and this would never change. You guessed it was because you were both stubborn. The biggest pain in the neck was Meimei. God she was annoying. Always commenting every little thing you said. But you knew you did the same to her. So you couldn’t complain too much. But right now there was no need to think of that. Meimei was no where to be seen and you were enjoying a nice bowl of ramen with Naruto.
    “Yeah, I’m gonna be the best Hokage. I know I am! And you can be my advisor. Oh my god, it’s gonna be great!” shouted Naruto. Naruto had been going on for half an hour now. And it was really bugging you.
    “Naruto” you commented. Again he went on. Ignoring anything you said. You could’ve been abducted by aliens and he would still go on. “Naruto” you repeated louder. Still Naruto went on about how great this life was gonna be. You tried another technique. “Naruto shut up!” you shouted. Naruto stared at you and kept silent. You sighed and smiled. Silence at last. You felt someone sit next to you so you turned round.
    “Naruto being a pain then?” Sasuke asked kissing you. You smiled and kissed him back. Not answering the question he had asked you.
    “Uchiha” noted Naruto looking in the other direction.
    “Uzimaki” said Sasuke doing the same. You laughed. They had always been like this. Sasuke prodded you on the shoulder. Then nodded behind you. You look at him confused and turned around. Coming towards you was Meimei, and her brothers and twin sister. You sighed and stood up. Waiting to greet them. Meimei got to you and stopped. She looked you up and down.
    “Naruto, still hanging around with the same dunces, I see” she commented looking at Sasuke and you. You scowled at her. She smirked. “And Becca Houka. Still the same brat. It’s five times now isn’t it?” she asked staring at you. You frowned. You had rejected to fight her five times. Because Sasuke had forced you to. He said that she was dangerous. All you saw was an attitude on legs. “I guess Sasuke likes girls that are cowards” she said blankly. You threw a punch at Meimei, hoping it would knock her into the real world. But your hit was blocked. You looked up to see Hitoame gripping your wrist. Hitoame was the oldest of the mist siblings. And the most dangerous. Yes, Meimei’s sword struck fear. But Hitoame’s axe caught victims and forced terror into them. Hitoame was a jounin and was as skilled as Kakashi. He had refused to wear the blue sandals and had stuck with his black ones. You looked up at him. He stared down at you with no emotion whatsoever. It scared you.
    “Do not. Do not punch my sister” he said in a dark deep threatening voice. Meimei looked at you. You didn’t dare throw the other fist. Meimei smiled and raised her arm. She went to punch you in the stomach. But her hand was stopped millimetres before it reached your body. Sasuke held it hard and didn’t show any sign of letting go.
    “Don’t punch my girlfriend” he said returning the comment. Hitoame let go of you and Sasuke let go of Meimei. You stared at each other. You then looked at Hitoame and Sasuke. Seemed he had a new enemy. Poor Sasuke. But you knew he knew that Hitoame was twenty two. You guessed he didn’t care. Meimei looked at the two boys behind you and walked away. With the others following. You stared at her. You hadn’t finished.
    “Meimei!” you shouted causing all four to turn round. You stared deep in her eyes.
    “Yes” she asked charmingly with a smile.
    “I challenge you!” you shouted pointing at her. She beamed.
    “Let’s see what you got” she said. Meimei pulled out her sword and threw it in the air. She quickly took off her scarf and stretched it out. The sword landed in it. She then twisted the scarf around it. You stared never looking away. Just in case this was a trick. She then span it out. It span in the air and she caught it. She then threw her scarf on the floor. And pointed the sword at you. You stood in a ready stance. Concentrating. She smiled. She ran towards you keeping the sword level with your head. You stood still. Waiting for the opportune moment to attack. She got closer. Again nothing happened. Closer. Now! You sprung a tree up right in front of her. A classic move. You smiled. You heard no noise. She was dead. Or knocked out. You smiled and dusted your hands.
    “Becca Houka” said Naruto standing in such a place so it was possible to see the other side of the tree. You looked at him. He pointed at the tree. You ran over and sighed. Meimei was peforming a crab. As a sharp branch was poking out of the tree. It just missed her head when she was in this position.
    “It’s alright sister. I’ll deal with it” said Hitoame. When he said this you ran back to your original position so you had a better aim. Hitoame threw his arm out to the side. Nothing happened for a couple of moments. Then half of the tree fell forward. He hat cut it. You saw Meimei staring at you breathing hard. She smiled. She threw her sword high in the air. And her brother did the same action as before. The sword split in half and fell back down. Then they both grew so each one was a full sword. She caught both and stared at you.
    “Twin sword!” she shouted. You got ready. This was going to be hard. She jumped over the tree and ran towards you. Your old trick was worthless now. You had to think of something new. You grew vines from the grass, gripping her legs. She cut them with both swords and kept running. You tried the same thing with her arms. But again she was too fast and cut them. You then tried from the back. The vines caught her back and went round to her front. She went to cut them but vines had already wound her arms tight. She kicked so you made vines tie her legs up. She couldn’t move. You laughed and walked towards her. You got really close to her face.
    “Guess the tables have turned” you said turning serious. She stared at you. Not accepting the defeat. The she started laughing. You was confused. Who would laugh at a time like this? She looked to your right. You slowly turned to see Hitoame staring at you. He smiled.
    “Hi” he said waving. You stared at him. You didn’t know what it was about him but fear automatically froze you. He punched you sending you flying and hitting a wall. You cried out in pain not daring to move. You watched as the fight exacerbated.
    “Becca Houka!” shouted Sasuke running towards you. But Hitoame got in his path. He looked down at Sasuke and laughed.
    “This will be fun” he said. Sasuke growled and changed his mood.
    “Fire style, phoenix flower jutsu!” shouted Sasuke with fire bursting out of his mouth. You cringed as this would turn out bad. Sasuke was unaware of Rubi, Meimei’s twin was standing next to Hitoame. She pushed her hands out and smiled. The fire was pushed back in it’s own direction heading for Sasuke. Sasuke gasped and quickly ran up a tree. And watched as the fire burned the tree. He looked down at Rubi. You did the same. What in gods name did she do. Sasuke jumped down and held his wrist. Hitoame pulled his axe from his back. You had heard that axe had killed more people than the number that occupied this village. “Chidori!” shouted Sasuke. A flash of lightening flashed up in Sasuke’s hand. The light showed up on his face as he grinned. This made him look like something out of a kids horror show. Well, that’s what you thought. He ran towards Hitoame and aimed the chakra for his head. Hitoame did the same with his axe. They got closer and closer until someone appeared. Grabbing Sasuke’s and Hitoame’s arm. Everyone present was shocked. You smiled.
    “My best friend, and my student. Never though I’d see that”

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