A new Begginning [part four]


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    A new Begginning [part four]

    Post by Onthewaytocourage on Tue Nov 27 2007, 13:31

    You sprinted to the place where Naruto ran. You heard footsteps behind you meaning the rest were following.
    “Naruto!” you shouted running up to him and grabbing his shoulders. Thanking that he was ok. You hadn’t bothered to look up as your only interest was Naruto. Then you remembered Neji’s sight. You heard Naruto breath in a nervous breath. That was one thing. But Naruto’s outer breath was quiet and low. That meant something was wrong. You didn’t want to look up, but you knew you had to. Your clutch grew tighter on Naruto’s jacket. Then you slowly looked up. Six people stood in front of you. Five with strange markings all over their face and the same dress code. And one with glasses standing ever so posh. You gulped. You could tell by their stance and by their expression that this wasn’t good. You had a feeling that your comrades felt the same. You looked behind you to check if they were all still breathing. Then looked back to the beings that confronted you.
    “Who are you?” asked the white haired one. You studied him. He had red markings on hid forehead. And he seemed superior to the others. Except for the four eyes. He seemed as though they were all scared of him. You couldn’t guess why. He seemed just a little younger that Hitoame. You stepped back more pulling Naruto with you to join the rest of your group.
    “We are from the leaf village. And you are obstructing our mission. You are?” asked Neji boldly stepping forward.
    “We are sound. And we are searching for Tsuki Maboroshi. Have you seen him” replied the same strange man. Rokotsu stepped forward pointing a finger at them confidently as if they were friends.
    “He’s dead. So just go back to snake boy” he said smiling and stepping back. You stared at him. How could he act like that to a group so, so scary?
    “What?! Wait hey! It’s you! Hey, it’s Tsuki’s big brother!” shouted the biggest one of the group. A small smile began to creep up in the corner of his mouth. He looked evil.
    “Who killed him?” asked the previous one calmly. This was where Rokotsu made his grin even bigger. He stepped forward and put his arms out.
    “Yours truly” A scowl began to grow around the crowd.
    “Oh yeah! Well I’ll show you the same fate!” shouted one with freakishly eight arms. He opened his mouth and a yellow thing crawled out and sped towards him. It had something like thorns bursting out of it. It was like a flat tube. Never ending. It got closer to Rokotsu but he never moved. You sighed and rolled your eyes. You lazily lifted one finger. A huge rock grew from the ground and grew to a giants size. Obviously you now couldn’t see anything. But by the sound of it. The yellow thing just broke. You smile with satisfaction. Immediately Meimei and Rubi jumped on the rock and stared down at the group.
    “If you ever try to do that again. To any of us. That yellow disgusting whatever it is. Will be your neck. Broken. ‘Cause it’s smashed up and yeah” finished Meimei jumping down from the rock. You laughed. Rubi giggled and waved at the glasses boy. He went red and coughed. Hitoame sighed and pulled her down. He pushed her to walk and you all started to walk further into the forest. The group stared at you. The only girl went to run in your direction but the white haired boy stopped her.
    “Let’s get another route. Let’s ambush them” he said jumping into the trees. Everyone else followed.
    “There’s a boy sitting in a tree. And about five days distance from that there is Shino. He’s got water, shelter, warmth and food. Smart boy” said Neji smiling and bringing his Byakugan to a hault.
    “Ok let’s go. Maybe the tree hugger knows something” said Naruto walking in that direction. Everyone stared at him and shrugged. They guessed it was too late to argue about Naruto’s attitude. He had been that way for twelve years. Soon you got close to the tree.
    “Boy. Come down!” shouted Hitoame staring up at the tree. Only his feet were visible.
    “Why should I come down?” asked the boy with quite a low voice. Hitoame lost his patience and pulled out his axe.
    “No! No violence!” shouted Rubi. He sighed and held his axe at his side. You closed your eyes and relaxed. The tree began to sink slowly into the ground. And the boy became visible. He looked about the same age as the four eyes and he had white hair that hung over one eye. He jumped off the tree landing softly on the ground and the tree grew taller. There was silence as everyone studied his eyes. They were pure black. Which, freaked you out a bit. An axe landing right next to his head. And then Hitoame pinning him up against the tree.
    “Why are you here?” he asked spitting in the boys face.
    “Cousin! Aren’t you glad to see me?” asked the boy putting on an expression which was too happy for his tone.
    “I will kill you. You son of a bitch!” he shouted pushing him harder against the tree. [size=16]
    “Now now. Don’t lose your temper. I might have to tell your mo-. Oh sorry I forgot. You don’t have a mother. Do you Hitoame” he said smiling. Hitoame began to say something but it was interrupted by a harsh fist hitting both in the face. They fell backwards and Sasuke looked down on them.
    “Hitoame. Who is this?” he asked staring strangely at the boy.
    “He’s. He’s our cousin. He killed our mother” said Komadori. Everyone stared at the little blonde haired boy. No one had ever heard him speak. And when he did it was about something so grim. Poor kid. Sasuke stared hard at the boy.
    “His name?” asked Sasuke keeping his stare.
    “Honba” answered Meimei. Sasuke nodded.
    “Honba. Will you join us on a mission?” asked Sasuke. He heard the mist siblings objections. Honba laughed and stood.
    “I think not” he said spinning in a circle. Everyone stepped back. Except Hinata and you. Hinata because she had seen a beautiful flower. And you because you weren’t paying any interest. When you realised you were in a huge ice globe with him and Hinata to protect. You knew you were in trouble. “Well, well. Aren’t I lucky. In this globe with two beautiful girls” he said winking at you. You looked at him in disgust as he walked closer to you. He got closer until you couldn’t stand it. You grew a rock so it appeared a centimetre away from him. “I’m afraid that won’t work on me” he said touching the rock. It turned to ice and he looked at you from the other side. He punched it and it shattered to pieces. This made you jump back afraid of his power. He moved his look from you to Hinata. He walked closer to her until his face was right next to hers.
    “You touch her!” you shouted trying to walk but the coldness froze you. But not him. Who was this guy? Honba touched Hinata’s face. Getting closer to her. He went to kiss her but a crack in the ice distracted him. Hinata sighed. Relieved that she didn’t feel his lips. Lucky. Hitoame hacked the ice with his axe forming a crack.
    “Come out Honba or this ice will fall on you! And crush all of you to death!” Honba sighed like a teenager that just lost an argument. He clicked his fingers and the whole globe transformed to water falling on all of you. Hitoame stared at Honba pissed off. Most of his hair was covering his eyes and it was soaking wet. He threw it back and looked at him.
    “Will you join us Honba?” he asked gripping his axe tighter in anger. Honba looked back to see Hinata. He smiled and turned round to see Hitoame squeezing his hair to get out the water. He nodded slowly.
    “I will” he said in a charming voice. Them words gave you a bad feeling.

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