... uhm, story part one?


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    ... uhm, story part one?

    Post by GL on Sun Oct 26 2008, 15:17

    ~ Theta ~

    The first thing I thought when I woke up were, "today is going to be different." Of course I knew I was wrong but it didnt hurt to believe, right?

    Mum was sitting at the kitchen table reading a book with a cigarette in her hand. This has to be the first day in years I have seen her reading a book, finally she understands that you need to use your braincells sometimes."Hello." It took her a few seconds until she answered back. "Hm." She didnt even care to look up from the book. I sat on the opposite side of her, examineing the backside of the book, it has to be some detecetive story or something. "You said you were going to quit." "What do you mean Theta?" She looked on me with those dull grey eyes, they looked lifeless. "The cigarettes, the smoking! You promised." I looked at my hands who were resting on my knees. "Geez, not this again. You know its hard for me to just quit, it will take some time. Im going to quit... oon." "But when is soon?! In 1 year? Mabye 2?" "I dont know! Just be quiet, im trying to read." She continued to read her book while taking another drag of the cigarette. "Oh, and by the way. Glen is coming soon." She puts out her cigarette and looks up at me. I was already at the door putting on my shoes.

    "What? Why today? But I wanted us to do something together today without that alcoholic..." She pretended to not hear what I said, she knows how much I hate that guy. Every time Glen is here he tries to get mum drunk, thats the only thing he is good at, getting the people around him drunk. Why is she still together with him if she knows that i hate him. When she isnt near he hits me, calls me whore, just like the other guys she have dated. I wish that dad was still alive... if he were, nothing of this would be happening. We would be happy and I could live a normal life with a normal family.

    The best thing I know to do is to be with Aerith, she is the light in my life. She lives in the house next to mine with her pretty big family. Haha, I could never survive with four little brothers around me, all of them are crazy. But she is lucky to have such a great mum.

    "Theta, hey!" There she stands waving to me, that wonderful person who everyone likes. "Hello." I hug her tight and for a long time. "Why are you here?" "I have been waiting for you, I wanted to ask if I could sleep at your house today. Glen is coming soon, I just cant stand another day with him again." I scratched my head and looked up at the clouds. It sure was a wonderful day. "Sorry, but Eiko and Mosh will sleep here, mum and dad is in Paris during the weekend."

    "Oh okey." I walked over to an old bench and sat down on it, poking with my shoes in the sand under me. We sat there a long time until Eiko showed up. She is always late, sometimes I wonder if she is late just to annoy the people who is waiting for her. "Hello!" She ran up to the bench we was sitting on. The bag she held in her hand were so big, it looked like it were going to explode any minute. "Sorry Im late, I couldnt find the keys." She said and hold up the keys in front of her face, its always something that she cant find. She sat down on the bench and started to talk right away. Haha, something you know is that its never quiet when Eiko is around.

    "This is going to be really fun! Haha." Eiko poked Aerith who smiled back.
    "Yeah, really fun." We all turned around and saw Tedd and Mosh standing behind the bench we sat on. "Watch out Eiko, mabye Mosh and I will come and visit you tonight." Tedd said grinning a lot, he can be really pervy sometimes... okey. I will not lie, he is it all the time. "I think we can handle you two, haha." Aerith said to Tedd who is her brother. He was looking at Mosh and didnt really care to answer. Mosh, he is the smarter one of them. Not so pervy like Tedd and he is pretty shy too. Always talking about his video games or whatever.
    "I heard youre going to sleep here too." Eiko said while walking over to Mosh holding her bag over her right shoulder."Yep" Mosh smiled as he blushed a little.

    "Well we should get the bags inside the house and make something to eat, the clock is 3.20 Pm after all." I was still sitting on the bench watching them go inside the house. Everyone laughed and seemed to enjoy the day, sure I would too… but HE is coming. What should I say? Another weekend would eng as hell. Just as I leaned my head back I could see Glens car parking by the sidewalk, he walked out of the car with two darkgreen plastic bags. I knew both were full of alcohol.
    ‘’Damn…’’ I said loud to myself.
    neon kun

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    Re: ... uhm, story part one?

    Post by neon kun on Thu Nov 27 2008, 09:35

    nice. ^^

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