A new Begginning [part three]


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    A new Begginning [part three]

    Post by Onthewaytocourage on Mon Nov 26 2007, 13:27

    “Meimei, are you ok?” asked Hitoame glancing at her. Meimei’s expression had changed to a wimping dog’s. Hitoame peered closer. To see a tear running down her cheek. He stared at her not knowing what to do. Meimei looked round and gave a nervous smile. She hadn’t realised that everyone was staring at her. She looked at the floor and you saw droplets of water fall from her eyes. You stared concerned. What brought this on? There was a short drift of silence. Then Meimei lifted her head. She looked normal. She drew her sword and turned to Kakashi.
    “Where?” she asked as if tears hadn’t welled out of her eyes. Kakashi pointed to the forest. Meimei ran towards it and then disappeared into the trees. You were confused but followed her. Making everyone else do the same. It got to a point where you caught up with Meimei. She was sitting against a tree and was looking at herself in the reflection of the flat part of the sword. You walked over to her so quietly that she didn’t even notice you until you sat by her. The rest did the same. You looked at her and saw her expression. Emptiness. You put your hand on her shoulder and held her hand.
    “Let’s be friends. Ok?” you said forgetting about the things she had done to you in the past. She instantly stood up and stared at you.
    “You will always be my enemy” she said harshly. You looked at the floor. At least you knew you was the better one. Meimei stared at the rest of you. Then she made a little noise and leaned forward a bit.
    “Someone’s here” she said looking around the trees. You looked around as well not seeing anyone.
    “How do you know” you asked staring at Meimei as she stood motional. Meimei turned round, four kunai stuck in her back.
    “Oh my god!” shouted Komadori. Meimei put her hands on her head. Trying to forget about the pain. You stared, scared that would happen to you. Or worse.
    “Hold still” said Hitoame patiently as he pulled out the last kunai. Meimei yelled in pain and fell to the floor. She coughed up blood and rested her head on the hard ground.
    “Well well, we have a strong one here Rokotsu” you jumped hearing the sudden voice. And turned to see two boys a little younger than Hitoame. One wore all black and had a kunai to the one called Rokotsu’s neck. Rokotsu was kneeling on the floor. With his hands tied behind his back. He looked nervous. Well, who wouldn’t be?
    “Becca Houka. Do you remember what you did to Meimei. With the [size=16]
    tree?” he whispered in your eyes. You nodded staring at the two boys. “When I say when” he said again whispering. You looked at him then at the two males. It seemed they were having a conversation that they didn’t want anyone to hear.
    “When!” You grew fifteen trees everywhere around the two boys. You grew a few more and more until the forest was packed with them.
    “Meimei, go on protect Rokotsu” Hitoame said pointing to the boy. Meimei nodded and ran into that direction. She pulled him back as Hitoame swiped his hand through the air. A million trees fell down and all onto the same area. The boy was crushed. Hitoame sighed and wiped his face.
    “Hehe. Poor simple minded creatures” Everyone turned to see the boy on a tree. He was crawling round the bark, like a lizard. No one knew what to think or what to fear. Hitoame growled in anger and swiped both his hands out. Again thousands of trees fell. Meimei saw the boy like reptile move closer to her. She pulled Rokotsu behind her and performed the jutsu. The boy got closer leaping from one tree to another. He leaped at the whirl wind but got deflected. A screech of pain was heard as he fell onto the floor. The boy analysed his skin. Parts of it were torn off. He snarled and ran towards Hitoame. Hitoame drew his axe and gave a satisfying laugh. But the boy stood still. He made gargling noises and his eyes went wide. He tried to reach out even though nothing was in front of him. And then he collapsed to the floor. Everyone looked in confusion. And even more so when Rokotsu stood behind him. Rokotsu looked grimly at the boy who had him hostage just a few minutes ago. He wiped a small tear from his eye and walked away. Meimei stopped her jutsu and fell to the ground exhausted. She breathed heavily and stared at the boy. How on earth did he get out of it. No one can.
    “Err. Rokotsu, if that is your name. Who are you? And. And who was that?” asked Naruto running up to him and clutching his shoulder. Rokotsu paused his walking and turned his head slightly so that his left eye was visible to Naruto.
    “I am Rokotsu Maboroshi. And that is my younger brother. Tsuki. We originate from the Maboroshi clan. He was ordered by Orochimaru to kill me. Why did he follow his orders? Because that twisted snake tongue is his leader” Rokotsu finished and attempted to continue his motion. But Naruto stopped him.
    “I knew I recognised you. You’re the leaf ninja that disappeared along with his brother. I’m glad you’re safe” Naruto grinned. Rokotsu nodded once and kept walking. Naruto’s expression changed.
    “Hey so you’re not gonna help us. We need to retrieve a ninja. We saved your life. I think we need something in return” Rokotsu stared at Naruto [size=16]
    and gazed in his eyes.
    “I don’t think so” he said walking away. Meimei looked up and saw this. She pulled herself up and looked down at her arms. Most of her skin had been torn off. She sighed and closed her eyes. Trying to block out the pain. That was the downfall of her jutsu. If you performed it for too long. The effect would work on you. She limped over to Rokotsu trying her best to keep herself on her two feet. But it was too hard. She was moments away from him when she collapsed. She took a deep breath and then looked up to see him walking.
    “Bastard” she said coldly with piercing eyes to match. Rokotsu stopped and turned round. Even though he was terribly good at hiding it everyone could see he was shocked about the sight of Meimei. But that didn’t last long.
    “Excuse me?”
    “Do you think I do this for fun? I protected you knowing this would happen. I could’ve died. But that didn’t stop me. I had to protect you. No matter who you was or why you were there. That was the order from my big brother. I did that for you. We did that for you. Can’t you just help us. Please” she begged tears racing down her face. Everyone present thought that these tears were caused by her pain. By the blood dripping from her wounds. By the skin slowly peeling off her fingers. They were all wrong. Her tears were caused by fear. Fear that they wouldn’t reach Shino. That he would die. She couldn’t have that. For him to die. Would mean she would have to suffer the same fate. Or at least. She would like to. Rokotsu sighed and looked down at Meimei. You clenched your fist. It didn’t matter how much you hated her. This was hard to watch. And painful to hear. He reached down and held his hand out. Meimei ceased her sorrow. She looked up at him and smiled. She clenched his hand and pulled herself up. You kept on walking with everyone else. As if nothing had happened.
    “You ok?” asked a voice placing a hand on your shoulder. You looked to your left to find Sasuke looking back at you. You smiled and nodded. He did the same and put his arm round you. That was a lie. You felt ill and cold. Tired and hungry. All you wanted to do was go home. But you didn’t tell him that. You didn’t know how he would react.
    “How on earth did you get over my jutsu?” asked Meimei staring at Rokotsu. Rokotsu smiled.
    “My bloodline limit is I can take characteristics of any animal close to me. There was a grasshopper hid in the mud beneath your feet” Meimei stared at him in awe. He laughed at this.
    “Water!” shouted Naruto racing passed you. You looked confused at the blonde haired boy running down. Then soon after you heard the rushing [size=16]
    of water. You closed your eyes to hear it clearly. You smiled. Thank god.
    “This isn’t good” commented Neji. You turned round to see that Neji was using his Byakugan and he was staring directly at the place where Naruto just ran. You gulped. This would be ‘fun’.

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