Cliques of WOTN


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    Cliques of WOTN

    Post by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    [Okay.. I just wrote LOADS but it logged me out and I lost it all, so this time around wont nearly be as good...]

    WOTN seems to be compiled of groups these days, cliques that people have decided that they want to stay in, and they'll rarely leave these groups..

    I don't usually care about it, and normally I'd shrug it off.. but its really bugging me lately, especially when people aren't honest enough to admit it, or see if for themselves..

    Like the fanfic section most recently [Yep.. it never used to happen in there!] but everyone knows I don't really care about my fanfic. I know it sucks, so I don't expect people to read/comment on it.. cause if I'm honest, I don't really care about the comments anyway, it was just a bit of fun writing it.. but people like Bano put SO much effort in to their fanfiction, and spend so much time writing it [I would know =__=] yet when he posts it, he only gets 1 comment? 2 comments? and there are other fanfictions that are posted up, and the person will get 4/5/6/7 comments on it.. whats stopping those people from clicking one tab down and reading it? Some don't even read WOTNopolis, the fanfic that most likely started this fanfic boom on WOTN, yet they will read the fanfic if the person is in their village, or if they're in some sort of 'clique' with the person.. heh.

    And then when some people post videos up, hoping people will give their opinion on them... they only get 1/2 comments again, yet other topics get 4/5 PAGES of comments.. or well, spam.. but that topic is still given more attention... slightly unfair? I agree that you might not be interested in a lot of what the persons video is about... but what is stopping you letting it buffer for 10seconds to see if you like it or not, and if you don't.. why not post that you're not interested?

    It's just like.. if you think a persons story sucks, TELL THEM IT SUCKS.. the views of everyones story goes up, just not the comments xD if their fanart sucks, tell them! And say how they could improve, in your opinion.. if the video sucks.. say why! Don't make people feel ignored or under-appreciated! D:

    WOTN never used to have groups like this.. colour of your name should not matter, neither should it only be who is in your 'family' ...has anyone else noticed these 'cliques' or groups? =/ I love WOTN so much, but they are really making it suck for me, whenever I come on.

    I feel like I need to be in one =__=
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    Post on Sun Jul 25 2010, 18:56 by KarateKeyaQ

    Banouin wrote:
    quater wrote:Friends outside of WOTN? How dare you, KKQ?

    You mean Reshii.
    Yeah, I was like- I don't have any friends outside of wotn! xDD

    Post on Sun Jul 25 2010, 20:49 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    KarateKeyaQ wrote:
    Banouin wrote:
    quater wrote:Friends outside of WOTN? How dare you, KKQ?

    You mean Reshii.
    Yeah, I was like- I don't have any friends outside of wotn! xDD
    LOL :')

    Post on Sat Jul 31 2010, 14:04 by sabaku no ketsueki


    I agree! I only read Pein's fic, pretty much. I'd read WOTNopolis, but...I don't. Epic reason! :O But really, if withing the first few paragraphs of a fanfic, the writer DOESN'T USE ANY COMMAS, I get frustrated with it and don't read it.

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