Printing and Cursive writing


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    Printing and Cursive writing

    Post by xoChocolate

    Our class likes to argue. A lot. So when our supply teacher commented
    on how we weren't writing in cursive, this use debate started that went
    on for the rest of the period.

    The supply was saying that "it's a lost art" and that today's
    generation are just forgetting about cursive, and that we should all
    start writing in it because it's so much faster! Okay, maybe some of
    you agree. But my class didn't.

    She pointed out that she was writing in cursive since grade 1, and that
    it's a lot easier. Well a bunch of us have been writing in only cursive
    for who knows how long, but we still find printing easier :S

    It's like how we all speak English. We're all fluent, we grew up with it. The supply teacher grew up with cursive, we grew up with printing. Same idea.
    All of us know how to read printing because, well, how else would you read the text on this forum? It's not like everybody will learn how to write in cursive, although it does look pretty cool, just because it's "faster". It's a matter of opinion right? Right?! ...Yeah.


    Anyway, now that you've wasted about five minutes reading that, what do you think? :S
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    Post on Fri Jan 22 2010, 17:30 by quater

    I switch between cursive and print. Sometimes twice or more in one sentence...

    I do think our generation could use some tips on cursive writing.

    Post on Fri Jan 22 2010, 17:44 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    My writing is really messy cursive, cause thats how I was brought up to write. ^_^;;

    Post on Wed Jan 27 2010, 19:28 by Toshii

    CLAIRVOYANTdisease wrote:My writing is really messy cursive, cause thats how I was brought up to write. ^_^;;

    me too. ^^;; well when i was in 4th grade. =/

    now i've been praticing cursive.

    my friends confuse my print for cursive. O_o

    Post on Wed Jan 27 2010, 20:01 by amaterasu

    I have a cursivePrint style.

    Post on Wed Jan 27 2010, 20:04 by Toshii

    ^ yeah that's kind of how my handwriting is. it's a little cursive... =/

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