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    Kura's Creative Writing

    Post by Kura-Uchiha on Sat Apr 10 2010, 01:42

    [size=9]Alright, so this store will be for writings! Such as poems! Short stories also, but the price for those will be discussed in a PM.

    Poetry prices:

    1-2 lines: free
    3-6 lines: 50 ryo
    7-10 lines: 100 ryo
    11-15 lines: 150 ryo
    16-20 lines: 200 ryo

    and so on and so forth. for every 5 lines added, there will be another 50 ryo added to the price. Happy simple! Requests, of course, will be made here, and final products delivered through PM.

    For requesting, merely come on and tell me what you would like, and between how many lines you would like it to be! Simple! Happy
    and of course, other types of writing will need to be PM instead of on here, since pricing will very alot with other things.

    Sample Poems:
    In The Heart
    In the heart of the fire
    In the midst of the pain
    In the center of the chaos
    There is no saving rain
    It is hard to survive this
    The dark drowning flames
    Yet my soul wont give in
    To this eternal shame

    Dreaming of Flying High
    Listening to the crashing waves
    As she walks upon the sand
    Hearing the wind pass through the trees
    As she draws in the air with her hand
    Moving forever in a motion of mystery
    She spins to watch the sky
    Thinking of the ocean forever in motion
    Slowly the clouds roll by
    She closes her eyes and hears the breeeze
    The wind whips up her hair
    Dreaming of a day where she'll fly away
    And leave behind all her cares
    With the wings of an angel she'll run in the wind
    And never come back to the ground
    She'll hide in the clouds and above the trees
    And never would she be found
    She opens her eyes to the sting of reality
    And quietly releases a sigh
    She walks on the sand and listens to the sea
    Dreaming of flying high

    ^-^ I hope you all will come to me! <3 have a wonderful day!!!

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