Trading Cards Redone!


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    Trading Cards Redone!

    Post by Meika-Chan on Tue Aug 25 2009, 22:04

    Okay since PF apparently gave up on his trading cards, we're going to redo it. Well I'm going to redo it.

    Each person can have a trading card made for them. They WILL give bonuses in the battle arena, although I haven't totally shined up that idea yet. They will be very similar to the ones that pF made, but with a few changes.

    Whenever you get a weapon made for you, you will also have one of these made for you. They will also be given if you buy a puppet (coming soon!) or a summon, custom made or not.

    Each person gets one trading card for no cost to them, but if you want another made for you, you'll have to pay some Ryo to get it made. How much ryo that is depends on how powerful you want the card to be.

    Some are rarer than others of course, and I will be giving out some in missions.

    They are to be used during a battle, and some of them have some pretty sweet stats. The moment you use them is the moment that the stats on the card work, and you can use as many as you want during a battle at any time that you want. Some of them are one use only (the moment you use them is when they dissapear, similar to a scroll) and others you can use over and over again, but you can only use it once during a battle.

    You can trade cards with each other, but you must tell me, so I can make a record of them.

    More to come...!

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