Booster Cards


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    Booster Cards

    Post by Meika-Chan on Fri Aug 28 2009, 13:52

    These cards are similar to scrolls in the Naruto world. When activated they give out more health, or give more weapons. The weapons are sold in bulk, and are a little cheaper, but each of these scrolls are to be only used ONCE. I WILL keep an eye on them, and if you are caught cheating, the punishment will be awaiting in the shadows.

    If you activate a weapons card, and do not end up using all of the weapons, they will dissapear along with the scroll. So keep that in mind when you are buying / using the cards.

    There are also cards that will boost different ninja stats. They last the amount of turns that will be stated on the card, and are again, one time use only. They can carry quite a hefty price though.

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