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    Personal Cards

    Post by Meika-Chan on Fri Aug 28 2009, 13:48

    Each person can come to me and get a personal card done. They are not in stock here so unable to be bought, but they ARE upgradeable. The stats on your card depends on a few things.

    Your rank, your posts, your stats, how much you do to help wotn, and some other things thrown in.

    When you get the card, it is without fee, but in order to get another you must buy it from me. They can be used in the battle areana as many times as you wish, but only last one turn and can only be used once during a battle.

    You may send me a picture of what you want to be in the trading card, as well as what stats you want boosted and all that jazz, and I will return with you a trading card like the one following...

    Obviously, it shows my rank, village, and name.

    Under it, it shows the boosts that come with using the card, but remember this boost only lasts ONE turn. So during that turn I would regain 50 health, and my ninjustu would be bumped an extra 15 points up. I would also recieve 3 shuriken and 3 kunai.

    The bar code and the number below it shows how rare the card is. The lower the number, the rarer it is.

    The only way to receive someone else's card is to get it from them personally. They must give it to you personally. Whether they charge ryo for it is not my problem.

    If you give away your card, you no longer have it. You must also tell me so that I may make a record of the cards.

    If you have given away your card, you must buy a new one from me if you wish to continue using it. The fee to replace a card of yours is 200 ryo.

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