War Stories


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    War Stories

    Post by Yoyo on Wed Nov 03 2010, 21:37

    I figured I'd explain this.

    In the past, wars have simply been random fighting. This time, however, there are some new elements.

    The main difference between old wars and this current one is that you're essentially writing a story. Every few days, the story will be updated. Battles that were fought will be mentioned and territories lost and gained will also be recorded. AMP powers can be awakened after winning a certain number of battles. Also, on occasion, additions will be made to the story, creating a advantages for some and disadvantages for others.

    Fighting ability is no longer the only thing that will determine the winners of war!

    Please note that all AMP given out during war is determined randomly, as are the advantages and disadvantages of each update of the war.

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    Re: War Stories

    Post by SickSelfishSyQo on Thu Nov 04 2010, 02:05

    Cool ^^

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    Re: War Stories

    Post by BlackRain on Fri Nov 05 2010, 07:07

    sweet! in terms of combat i ammount to a training dummy (im not low in self esteem it the freakin truth XD) but i still get to halp!!

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    Re: War Stories

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