And Then There Were Song Stories




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    And Then There Were Song Stories

    Post by Always-Abby on Sat Oct 25 2008, 23:21

    Song Stories = Songfics = "Stories that include or are based on a song"
    You get the picture.

    Songfics that I write may or may not be based on my real life. Either way, I am not using real names (even I would be a different character xP).
    So any names you see aren't in my life.

    Number one: Not based on my life.
    (1) ["I'll Cover You (Reprise)" - RENT]

    Live in my house, I'll be your shelter.

    That first day. That rainy, stormy, first day. He looked at me in the eye with the most gorgeous dark blue orbs I've ever seen.
    "Er, 'scuse me..." he started timidly. Oh, his voice...
    He shifted his weight from one foot to the other, nervously standing on my front porch in the rain. His eyes darted down to watch his shoes. I noticed this and blinked. He was there for a reason.
    "Yes?" I asked, finally. His eyes snapped up from his damp shoes, his dark hair flinging small drops of rain. He looked lost, confused even.
    "Oh, er, I was wondering if..." His eyes darted back down to his shoes, his hair sheilding his eyes from my view once again.
    "If...?" I urged. He seemed to cringe, or maybe he was shivering. But, whatever he was doing, he stuttered out a small string of "Uh"s and "Er"s.
    Finally, he proceeded on with his sentence. "I was wondering if I could stay here for the night..." He shifted his weight again. "Y'see, my folks kicked me out of the house because of --Well, I mean, you don't have to say yes, but I -- Y'know..."

    Just pay me back with one thousand kisses

    I smiled a tiny smile. "I'll find you a space to sleep, alright?" His expression looked like a mix between a scared deer and a happy child. Completely unreadable.
    "God, thanks..." he replied in a relieved, shy tone. It almost made me squeal.
    I didn't, though.
    I sidestepped out of the doorway and let him in. Which sounds weird, letting what sounds like a stranger into my house, but...
    "Brian, I thought you usually went to Warp's house whenever you got kicked out for the night?" He shook his head, his hand sheilding some of the rain drops threatening to fall from his locks. The door closed in a soft slam.
    "Warp's a backstabbing sonofabitch," he grumbled softly. I didn't ask.
    I took a step toward him and kissed his cheek softly. He let out a sigh.
    "If only you figured that out sooner," I half-laughed.

    Be my lover, and I'll cover you.

    I sat next to him quietly as he rubbed the towel over his hair. He sniffed a little and ran a finger along the bottom of his nose. He then coughed lightly, but covered his mouth doing so.
    "So, Bri..." I wanted to start. I wanted to talk to him, say something, start a conversation. But I just listened to his quiet hacking.
    He slid the towel off of his head and placed it on the table in front of us. He squeezed his eyes shut tightly and reopened them, blinking lightly. His eyes moved to the right, looking at me. Then they moved to the left.
    "Y'know...I can't stand keeping secrets forever..." he muttered.
    "Huh?" I asked, alert all of a sudden. Secrets?
    His hands tightened up into fists as he turned his head away completely. "I mean...I'm not really kicked out," he whispered. If it weren't for the serene silence of the room, I wouldn't have heard him. But heard him I did.
    "What do you mean--"
    "I'm only supposed to wait outside, in the car. I'm not supposed to run away. But--"
    "What the hell--"
    "I'm supposed to go to the hospital."
    And like that I leaned over and hugged him tight. I knew it.

    Open your door, I'll be your tenant.

    I looked up quietly from my hands to see Brian walk back in. A sickening green-pale was washed over his face. I stood from the couch and walked toward him. Just as he swung the door shut, I could see a black car drive away.
    "I'm sorry," he muttered abruptly. I looked away from the passing car and to him.
    "Er...come again?" I asked nervously.
    "Be ready in a black dress in two weeks." He dropped his limp coat on the ground. I picked it up and squinted my eyes, blocking away tears.
    "What's that supposed to mean?" I asked as innocently as I could. I already knew the outcome.
    He seemed to already know that I caught on. "You know."

    Don't got much baggage to lay at your feet.

    I dropped his backpack near the edge of the couch where he lay quietly. He slept normally, breathing at a normal pace. I sighed quietly. I knew that the breathing would stop.
    Just abruptly stop, and never rise again.

    But sweet kisses I've got to spare.

    Before I walked away from his sleeping form on the couch, I softly touched his cheek with my lips. His skin was cold and started a small tingling sensation on my mouth. But it passed quickly.

    I'll be there and I'll cover you.

    I watched his chest from afar, my eyes stinging whenever his chest fell. But, again and again, it would always come back up, and then drop. Rise and fall, rise and fall.
    My chest tightened up when I thought of the rising and falling. Because I knew very well that once his chest fell, it wouldn't come back up again. I knew that would happen soon enough.
    So why doesn't it just happen so I can get over the pain?

    Oh, I think they meant it when they said you can't buy love.

    I remembered my first date with Brian. It was very cute, very simple. I enjoyed it very much.
    But what I don't remember was that first kiss I got from him. He mentioned it from time to time, and each time small question marks would fall through my head like the rain that fell on Brian's sick shoulders. But, you know what? I knew I loved him. I didn't need a kiss to prove it. I love him, I love him, I love him...
    If only I couldn't lose him, too.

    Now, I know you can rent it, a new lease you were my love on life. Oh, my life...

    I knew I couldn't keep Brian's love forever, much less Brian himself. I knew that he would be gone soon. And I knew that, sure enough, my heart would somehow stop along with his, although I would still be alive and well. My life would somehow move on, but where would my heart be? Dead. Dead as dust, buried in the ground along with Brian as soon as he was dropped into the dirt.
    I clutched softly at the spot above my heart. I stared at the weak rise and fall of Brian's chest again, somehow thinking that it was getting slower and slower. But, as I counted, I knew it was just my mind playing tricks on me again.
    Soon enough it wouldn't be, though.

    I belong to discover something as true as this is

    I hugged Brian gently as he sat up from his slumber. I could feel the erratic jumping of his heart, and I knew that he knew it was soon. I turned my head away from him and just stood there, embracing him tightly.
    I couldn't help loving him. I knew that I truely loved him.
    If you don't know me, I'll tell you this -- I do not love easily. I could simply like you as a friend or hate your guts. 1% chance of true love.
    Here's my 1%, slowly dying in my arms.

    So, with a thousand sweet kisses, if you are cold and you're lonely, I'll cover you.

    Brian shivered in his dreams almost every night for his last few nights. His teeth would chatter violently and it would look as if he were jumping on purpose, trying to get attention like a small puppy.
    Attention was something he needed, but wasn't getting enough of.
    I sat by him and watched him spaz and shake, knowing that I wouldn't be able to do a thing. Not one damned thing to help him.
    Because I couldn't save a life. Impossible. It just wouldn't work.

    With a thousand sweet kisses, you've got one nickle only, I'll cover you.

    I flipped a coin in the air impatiently. The brightness of the white walls were blinding, and the awaiting patients and family were too quiet. The small clinking noise and dulled silver saved me.
    I shivered, and the shifting of my hand made the coin drop onto my lap. I snatched it up again, but refrained from flipping it into the air and catching it. I just stared.
    I listened to calls for doctors, the weels of a machine on the tiled white floor, even my own breathing.
    Well, there was noise. Who knew.
    However, I was listening to one noise in particular.
    There was a yelling not too far from where I was sitting, but it wasn't yells in pain. It sounded like frustration. It sounded like Brian.

    With a thousand sweet kisses, if you're worn out and tired, I'll cover you.

    Brian sat propped up on the bed, head lolled foward. He kept his blue eyes concentrated on his lap, where my hand lay squeezing his.
    "You didn't have to come..." he rasped softly. My eyes fell down to my lap in response. He watched me, I knew, and let out a sigh.
    "Why wouldn't I come?" I asked. I didn't look up.
    "Because you don't need me anymore..." He yawned tiredly, as if what he just said was just like a boss saying "You're fired" to a lazy employee.
    I squinted my eyes. Tears would not fall now. Later. Brian will not see then.

    With a thousand sweet kisses, when your heart has expired.

    I watched Brian's breathing again. Rise and fall. Rise and fall. Rise....and fall. Rise....and fall.
    Rise....fall. Rise........
    His hand grew cold and rubbery, no life spurring through it anymore. I gently let go of his hand and brought my own hand back to my lap. I looked down again.
    I let out a gigantic sigh, which turned out half a sob. Let the tears flow.

    Oh, lover, I'll cover you.

    The plastic chairs were uncomfortable. The damp air made my skin feel sticky. My heart made my chest hurt.
    The preist continued on with his homily, though I wasn't paying any attention to him. I kept my eyes on Brian, who was laying down in a coffin covered in flowers and cards and balloons behind him. Brian's face was such a green-white it almost stung to see it. But it was all I could look at. His hair was brushed to the side and he was all dressed up as if he were forced to go to a wedding. That obviously wasn't the case.
    Before the preist began talking, I had gone up to Brian's coffin. I stood there for a long while, staring down at his straight-faced look and faked appearance. I wanted to reach down and touch his face, to see if he were real or not.
    Because this wasn't the Brian that I knew.

    Oh, lover, I'll cover you.

    I walked home in silence. I kicked the gravel and made my foot skid across the pavement. My eyes were narrowed down at my feet. I was so...angry. I had wanted to cry so hard. Why didn't I? Why wouldn't the tears threaten me now? Why? Why, why, why, why--
    Why did this even happen?

    Five-hundred-twenty-five-thousand-six-hundred minutes, five-hundred-twenty-five-thousand seasons of...

    The following autumn was crummy. The breeze was too cold and strong, the leaves were too soft and made no crunch. Winter was worse, with colder blows to the face and nearly ice instead of soft snow. Springtime was humid and sticky and rained far too much. Then, there was summer. Summer, the only time that was best. Why? This was the time.


    Brian must have been watching. He must have noticed how down and crappy I was. He must have known that I missed him.
    I love him for that. I love him for everything.
    I love him for trying. I love him for being there. I just wished...

    I'll cover you.

    I just wished he hadn't died on me. But now, I know he's watching my back this time. I know that he's covering me. My shadow. My love.


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    Re: And Then There Were Song Stories

    Post by PeinQAkatsuki on Sun Oct 26 2008, 14:50

    Awesome! I write really bad songfics, though I try XD

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    Re: And Then There Were Song Stories

    Post by Always-Abby on Sun Oct 26 2008, 15:10

    Thanks ^_^
    It's good that you try! :D That's how you get better.

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    Re: And Then There Were Song Stories

    Post by Always-Abby on Wed Oct 29 2008, 11:46

    This one is taken off of my account. I edited some parts though because I didn't like how I wrote it.

    Number Two: Hidan. Spoilered for language. And because this is HIDAN we're talking about >_>
    (2) ["What's This?" - Nightmare Before Christmas]


    What's this? What's this?

    "What the fuck?!" I yelled. That bastard Kakuzu dumped me in some shitty town. I looked back at where he was standing when he dumped me here. He wasn't there anymore. Bastard!

    There's color everywhere

    Jashin, it was BLINDING. The houses were covered in the gay-ass lights and shit...

    There's white things in the air

    I slicked back my hair in frustration and felt something cold and wet on top. I looked up.

    I can't believe my eyes

    I couldn't fucking believe him. I couldn't FUCKING believe that the bastard dumped me in some town with mother fucking SNOW.

    I must be dreaming, wake up, jack, this isn't fair

    Jashin, I WISHED I was just having some nightmare. This SUCKED major ASS.

    What's this? There's something very wrong

    I knew DAMN WELL that I wasn't supposed to fucking be in this...WHEREVER the fuck I was...

    There are people singing songs

    I brought up my scythe and brought it down on the fucking caroler's heads. I swore I would KILL any more mother fuckers that would sing their shitty songs.

    The streets are lined with little creatures laughing

    STUPID ASS KIDS! Again, my scythe shed more blood and made the ugly ass snow beautiful fucking red. Lovely.

    Everybody seems so happy, have I possibly gone daffy?

    I hate the Jashin-damned happiness around this place. Too many stupid smiles. And what the fuck?! DAFFY? I thought that was that annoying-ass duck in those stupid cartoons. You stupid songwriter, get it damn right!

    There are children throwing snowballs here, instead of
    throwing heads

    Why the fuck aren't they throwing the heads that I chopped off before?! There were at least ten of them, why would they use the fricking snow if they had free heads?! Asses!

    They're busy building toys

    WHY? They don't fucking need those! They'll just burn them or give them away to those poor-ass kids across town!

    And absolutely no one's dead

    WHAT. THE. FUCK?! Did they NOT see the fifteen fucking people I killed?! Did they not check the fucking death toll yet?! What the fuck is wring with you you stupid-ass songwriter! Jashin!

    There's frost on every window


    Oh, I can't believe my eyes

    You might as well gouge my eyes out right now!

    And in my bones I feel the warmth that's coming from inside

    Fuck no! I feel the warmth of my cloak, and that's it! The damn thing isn't even warm!

    Oh, look, what's this?

    No, I'm not looking at your fucking shit. I don't want to know.

    They're hanging mistletoe, they kiss


    Why that looks so unique, inspired

    No, it's fucking sick. Who the fuck is inspired to do THAT anyway?

    They're gathering around to hear a story

    Pfft, I'M NOT.

    Roasting chestnuts on a fire

    Ew. Screw that.

    In here they've got a little tree, how queer, and who would
    ever think? And why?

    Yeah, DERANGED is a better word. How and why the hell should I know why the fuck they did it?!

    They're covering it with tiny little things, they've got electric lights on strings


    And there's a smile on everyone

    WHY?! IT BURNS!!

    So, now, correct me if I'm wrong, this looks like fun, this looks like fun

    I'll gladly correct your sorry ass!

    Oh, could it be I got my wish?


    Oh my, what now?

    I STILL don't want to know.

    The children are asleep

    Good, easier to kill.

    But look, there's nothing underneath

    ...And you're point is...?

    No ghouls, no witches here to scream and scare them or ensnare them

    Ghouls? Witches? Are you fucking KIDDING ME? I could kick their asses! Jashin, those stupid kids have NO courage or strength, do they?

    Only little cozy things secure inside their dreamland

    Not for fucking long...

    The monsters are all missing and the nightmares can't be found

    The monsters are dead, and the nightmares...WHAT AM I, EXACTLY?!

    And in their place there seems to be good feeling all around

    Fuck no. Jashin, stop saying that!

    Instead of screams, I swear I can hear music in the air


    The smell of cakes and pies is absolutely everywhere

    I hope Puppet-boy poisoned them.

    The sights, the sounds they're everywhere and all around

    Which is such a fucking shame.

    I've never felt so good before


    This empty place inside of me is filling up

    Filling up with fucking rage, that what's filling it up! KAKUZU,

    I simply cannot get enough, I want it, oh, I want it, oh, I want it for my own

    You must be on drugs if you wanted ANY of this shit.

    I've got to know, I've got to know, what is this place that I have found?

    HELL. The mayor must be Satan.

    What is this?



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    Re: And Then There Were Song Stories

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