the Path of Right and Wrong


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    the Path of Right and Wrong

    Post by Envy'sWrath on Sat Sep 04 2010, 19:31

    pre-chapter: Day Zero

    A black cloaked figure walked through the dirt streets of Brysion his hood was pulled over his face keeping his identity secret. the only thing outside besides him was the tiny black dog that followed him like a bodyguard its body tense and alert. " Inuyoshi should we continue onwards or stop here for the night?" he asked in a blank tone the small dog who looked at him and a silent message passed between them " alright stop here for the night it is." he said turning and walking towards the inn that he seen on his way into the village from the western entrance. he walked inside and went straight to the front desk and asked for a room for the night, he got his key from the woman who had been flirting with him the entire time asking to see his face. he walked away before she could ask again leaving her irratated and saddened. the cloaked man went up many flights of stairs the dog on his shoulder all the way up to the 5th floor and into his room. he went back down to the hot springs to relax for a while after walking for so long. his face was still hidden behind his long dark mane of hair ' its been 16 years since that day... since I became what I am...' he thought sort of amazed. He had returned to his room 30 minutes later he leaned aginst the wall his katana near by he closed his eyes resting but never sleeping.

    The dog took watch as its master rested. ' master Sendo has been alone for 16 years since she... I shouldnt think of it but will he ever find himself someone who can handle him?' it thought glancing at the man called sendo. the dog knew that they would coninue their journey untill the end of both their lives which he knew was soon...

    ( its only a preview type chapter and each chapter will be called day__. and I will try to make longer chapters. so R and R please)

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    Re: the Path of Right and Wrong

    Post by Toshii on Sat Sep 04 2010, 19:46

    nice story so far envy :3

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