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    Post by CrispinFreemanWatcher16

    I seriously have not had such a great day like yesterday in such a long time. Its been ages since i was that happy too.
    Also the first time feeling supaaah accomplished since graduating.

    I was feeling so nervous to go take my driving test yesterday morning.i had butterflies in my stomach on the way over to the DMV. I ended up practicing some last minute parking stuff..*since im not rly good at it*just to be on the safe side~ So we got there early at 8am, we ended up having to wait longer..cuz the ppl weren't taking anyone wit 8:30am appointment..at that moment. so we went to go park...and ahh the nervousness i was feeling....just waiting & waiting & waiting! where i had parked..i could see in the mirrors where the ppl who were coming back frm the driving test wit the instructors.
    So ah then it finally came around for my test. :P

    Sooo i had to do this pre check list thing..name ur stuff..on the car..windshield wipers,honk ur horn,turn on ur left & right turn signals( and the physical signaling wit ur arm),brake lights..point to where ur lights are, hazard lights. I got all those except one...i couldn't find where the emergency brake was.
    So then after that he got in & my fam member had to get out & go wait in DMV. my instructor was pretty nice guy.So he had me drive around a bit..for about 10mins or so.Heh it turned out to be really easy. He had me go on this one street..that i had only been down once while practicing on saturday.We went thru this construction zone & then he had me park near the curb & told me to back up. hehe im glad im good at backing up :P
    SO finally after that we went back to the DMV..parked in the parking spot that had sign for "End of Driving test" He told me that i passed :D :D *i was soo relieved on the inside*then he told me i had 7 mistakes that i made.
    Mostly i have issues wit my turning, which i got marked down mostly for.My left turns have always been a issue haha

    Sooo after such awesome success wit that, later on in the afternoon i went wit my friends to go to the movies. we were guna see Vampire Sucks. But we heard frm one of our other friend's that the movie wasn't rly good.So we were unsure of seeing it so we ended up going to play in the arcade at the theatre. It was alot of fun tho (: Played DDR~~
    Then we headed over to a bookstore & wandered around there for awhile~

    Then my friend thought we should go to Dolphin Bay for Boba.
    So we ended up going there, so many asians :P it was cool, different experience.we ended up being the loudest ones in the there.
    I love mango <3 and the popcorn chicken was rly good.

    But deff was one epic day for me~
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    Post on Wed Aug 25 2010, 00:11 by quater

    Haha. I remember my DMV test. I was so scared.

    Post on Wed Aug 25 2010, 20:12 by Banouin


    Post on Thu Aug 26 2010, 03:35 by KarateKeyaQ

    That looks like orange chicken!

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