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So, it's been 20 days or so since we said we're closing WOTN.

To be honest, I've been pretty quiet about the whole thing. I feel bad, because as the leader of WOTN I feel like I should of been telling you lots of stuff. I usually have a ton to say, after all, yet I've been quiet.

That's mainly because I've been working like mad on the new website. I want to make something exciting, fun. Something that will last a long time. Something you all will look forward to. Something that is worth closing WOTN down over.

The other reason, is that if I went over all the...

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,wait, who's that again?


so yeah.
so theboss is just making a random post and leaving?
AWHELLNAW. possibly. probably.
not like wotnopolis can't survive without me. d:


i took a picture of an exploded worm yesterday with a sem.
it was rad.

may the m dv/dt be with you, always.

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i still dont know where on these blogs my poetry belongs so this time i'll try HERE hahaha
for my girlfriend

"runaway Trains"

she makes my mind crazy
so i lose track of it
bringing, runaway trains with different cargo
to different parts of my body
and sometimes these runaway trains
crash into each other in my epicenter
my heart
causing unrhythmic
Booms Crashes and Bangs
but muffled by my flesh so i only hear
bump-bump, thump-thump, bump-bump
and those thump-thumps give me a message that is, so clear....

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I didn't know that the little box at the top of every blog held the date!
That is the date right?

Anywho, I am here to let you all know that you are loved. Somewhere, at sometime, in someplace, someone loves you.

Especially me :3

Have a nice day :D

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i thought i just had to write this down and where else better than to do just that?

today, i was given the day off from work but had this class shit activity thing. it didn't take too long, and it just so happened it was just the right time when jan got off from her classes. so i went and fetched her.

and since we haven't really talked for a while like usual, we decided to eat out. it's been a long while, anyway. and it would've spared me from cooking - and most especially, her cooking. no, really, i can't elaborate enough on that.

anyway, for some reason she bought...

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A blog from Clair :D

I went out to eat and went to the movies last night.. we couldn't see a 3D movie cause my friend has photosensitive epilepsy... so we saw Paranormal Activity 2... yeah, well.. it sucked. It was better than the first one at least...

Based on a true story, ahaha. No.

But today I get to spend the entire day in, no work, no other commitments, just talking to Bano all day... and posting, obviously :3

I'm catching up with the new series of Desperate Housewives right now, and still need to catch up with Jersey Shore, Criminal Minds and Glee.

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Discuss lol

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The feats
I know i know, another fighting topic by Des read or don't i could care less. I took up learning wing chun recently, and by recently i mean a while ago. I recruited Blackheart as my partner.

He is a bit slow at learning and stuff but im a nice teacher and he is progressing quite well. some of the methods are a bit unorthodox but it helps.

Seems as though I am able to grasp lessons and stuff quicker than him which is good because it means i can be a teacher and help him. im not perfect thats fer sure, but it seems as though, each lesson we get deeper into the more meaning...

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i've been a member here for 1 year! hooray! :D *should type more* xD

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Des went to King Richards Faire this morning and I had a blast. I bought a new bo-staff, a hand forged spartan knife. I tested my strength against the 20ft giant hammer swing, I won, mwahaha. I shot arrows, threw ninja stars, throwing knives, and axes. I did the jig of dances with the wenches to the music of the ages. I witnessed live Tigers, and the Rare Liger with my own eyes.

Everything was magnificient. For those 7 hours, I took on the role of a pirate. (only because i bought the pirate hat and sword). I was now kn own as Pirate BoJangles. I met the samurai, the black knight, the...

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DEs just thought he'd share that while working a 3rd shift, i have 4th meal(taco bell) and its sooo tasty.

STEAK Quesadilla rocks my socks with spices.
These burritos are tasty and cheesy.

I think its time for a RAP!

i need two supreme tacos and hold the sour cream
it makes me vomit and it's an ugly scene
a chicken quesadilla and taco salad, too
this is how we do up in the drive thru
i need a spicy chicken double decker chilli cheese wrap
large coke, bottle of water, don't forget the cap
i need two soft tacos and an enchurrito

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So I recently started school. It's okay, I got Tex-History first and stuff. That's been pretty boring, but Math is fun, a bit. Our teacher is pretty fun/cool. Science has been the funnest though XD XD Not only does our teacher say 'Mkay' at the end of his sentences, but we were looking how to tell the distance between good webpages, and bad webpages, and he really scared us by bringing 'DHMO' into the classroom, which from what we read, it was really...

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I seriously have not had such a great day like yesterday in such a long time. Its been ages since i was that happy too.
Also the first time feeling supaaah accomplished since graduating.

I was feeling so nervous to go take my driving test yesterday morning.i had butterflies in my stomach on the way over to the DMV. I ended up practicing some last minute parking stuff..*since im not rly good at it*just to be on the safe side~ So we got there early at 8am, we ended up having to wait longer..cuz the ppl weren't taking anyone wit 8:30am appointment..at that moment. so we went to go...

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you know what? this day is sucker than a sucky anteater.
first of all, i had plans.. 2 times! but both got canceled.
also it was damn hot outside. then it started to rain and then thunder. so i cant be outside and there is noone who has time to meet up. D:

ALSO! i wanted to bake muffins. guess what there was no eggs at home. so i decided to bake chocolate chip cookies, but in the only recepie i had, i needed potatoes. o.0
so i looked for some, and they were all rotten.

now my hands smells like POOP, because i got some rotten potatoe juice on...

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I haven't blogged in forever~ so here is a quick update in the life of Clair :D

I went to see Toy Story 3 twice this week.. its SO awesome. We got it like over a month later than you guys *mutter mutter* but it really was so good. I think its the best out of the three... and you can usually NEVER say that about a disney movie XD

I started watching Criminal Minds Cowboy my friend forced me to watch an episode and now I'm hooked......

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*wooot Woot* The Anime nerd inside will prevail this week!!!

For all who luv anime, we're all about to freakin rained upon in the wonderful city of downtown Los Angeles~
Soooo yesh! its that time of the year, time for all the bombass cosplayers to come out, streets to be packed with fans, anime music going around.
The concerts! the manga~ the food, the busy anime block of hotels, crowds of ppl from all over the world coming to the Los Angeles Convention Center.

I'm getting sooo amped for this man~ 4 days...

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Everyone i knew was so excited for graduation~ people were anticipating everything.
from the time we had to wait in line in our gym to sit in order for the ceremony.
Lots of hugs and cheering b4 7pm came along.

Then finally! it was time for the ceremony, walking out to the stadium & football field was just awesome~
Seeing the crowd of probably a thousand ppl or more, everything looked so nice and just stunning
All the seniors were cheering happily and of coarse plenty ppl asking about teh laker game score like every 10 minutes from someone.
We had some good...

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okay okay, yeah today's my b-day, blah blah blah XD and i feel so happy! :3 like a really great happiness :D maybe because i've been down the last week and the couple days following my b-day ^^;;

anyways! yesterday, my mom was off and she was suppose to work today but she took a sick day. :O anyways (again xP) yesterday, i played games with Vegito (my neighbor), some Mortal Kombat Armageddon on my wii~ which was fun :3 then my mom and dad took him and me to Golden Corral for lunch~

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Okay. Well I'm blogging today because I have some news(duh).

First off~ after my bout with sadness at not going running and what not, started thinking. Yoyo does those little comics~ I want to do little comics, to! :D I dunno what about yet, but ya know, something cool. I really want to do a small project with drawing, because I'm getting better, but I still need A LOT of improvement. The more situations I draw the better I get, right? ;D

Um, I saw a cool idea on this other site that I now frequent, SA. It was a club called F.U.N. The False...

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Help needed! :3

click and take a look! *you clicks*

i have a problem, i cant decide what my cellphone should look like. >_> i have been avoiding deciding this for 6 months already, so now should be the time deciding it. so pleeeeease, just say which one of the cellphone shells you like the most. :3
the funny thing about this is, that i can take any picture of what i want and make my own cellphone shell. and thats what i have done right now. :3 so if you have a great pic on your computer that you think i should have as my cellphone shell, feel free to...

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That's 5 smileys. Oh yeah, I'm happy.
I saw Iron Man 2 on Friiiiiiiiiidayyyyyyyy (:
That electrical whippy guy was sweeet! He sliced a door in half!
And I was like :O
And my bf was like, that was tight!
And the movie kept going, :3
It was verrryy good. RDJ is smexayy.

Then I came home and spent hours watching Tremors 1 && 2!~
And Kevin Bacon was all like, I got myself a plan!
And I was like, sho 'nuff!
And the tremor was like, roarrrr.
And Kevin Bacon won (:

Is it just me or does anyone else feel uncomfortable when you watch a sex scene in a movie with your...

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Finally my thai shorts came in, they are super sexxy, and since i also got my prajead armbands in, expect new pics super soon!

ultimately i want to get a pic of my in my fighting gear doing a fighting pose, call me lame but i wanna do it

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Wasn't life so much funner in the 90s?
When we were 8 and got to dig through our cereal to get to the toy hidden inside it?
Or wear those funky butterfly hair clips that had springs in them and bounced if you touched the wings? :D
Power rangers.
Game boy colours.
Disney movies when they were actually the bee's knees!
The land before time! <3
Sonic games on the atari
Jelly shoes/sandals!
OR the tv shows! I know half the cartoons were cooler back then. And I used to get up at like 8am to watch them on weekends.

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so i decided to make the half sleeve tribal i have a full sleeve on my left arm, getting more of it done later on today, pics soon i suppose, then itll be some time before the full thing is done but you will all see, also ima be recording mini clips of me doing stuff, parkour tricks mostly, ^_^

you all get to see the mizukage doing what he does daily

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omg, even though i switched phones and thought i lost them forever, i was able to dig up the skillet concert pics in the depths of my sd card!!!!

im soo soo soo soo soo soo soo soo happy, this is amazing, i get to stare at Jen's beautiful face again

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XD so i really really love drawing XD
but i was always scared of coloring because i get scared that if i color my drawing wrong, i'll waste the drawing D:

BUT! i took the brave step! the first one turned out pretty okay but i messed it up D: my inking was bad anyway so it was already a fail XD

AND THEN! I DID another one!!!! and and IT TURNED OUT OKIE!!!!!!!...

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Everyone's stressing over SATs for tomorrow, and I'm all "Yeahhh."
Life's pretty good.
I went from a MC score of 12 in AP Chem to a near-40.
That's like a 1 to 4.

Now I'm celebrating with chocolateicecream&whippedcream while listening to my awesome Asian music.

And although my dismal SAT score kind of is haunting me because of everyone's talking about SATs, IT WON'T BRING ME DOWN,, because today is a good day.

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I feel happy. XD cause mikelalo ish sick. Bwahaha Cowboy

cause that means he has to rest. :3 and that he would have to not go theeeeeeere where we don't want him to go to :<

XD but yesh. :3 so i am happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

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how you have altered Des' life
From the moment i heard "Over You" I knew Daughtry would be an inspiration. Each and every day i listen to both of his albums, i pray he tours around my state so i can go see him, id do absolutely anything to meet this man,

I even shaved my facial hair like he did at one point, I cant even fathom how much love i have for him, call me gay, all me weird I dont care, He is most then amazing.

Words just fall flat. I cant describe how much he has altered my life, not Des' life, but Andrew Minor's life. T.T, itd be such an honor to shake this mans hand

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Let the Hadouken echo through the sands of time. SUPER STREET FIGHTER4!!

picked it up today, and im bawling tears of joy over it

its sooo amazin

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So yesterday, my original plan was to go cuddle with my girlfriend at her house and piss off her mom a little bit >:( mwahaha, but things went awry. Her mom decided to bitch at her so i kidnapped her from her house and we started walking around. We didnt know where to go, next thing we know, we are in the graveyard fooling around. Jumping over stones, jumping in piles of leaves, hiding and whatnot. Then nighttime came around, so beautiful due to the fact that the graveyard has no lights to hinder the beautiful glow of the moon and the stars.

We found a large stone to lay on and cuddle...

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