News July 31st stuff


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    News July 31st stuff

    Post by quater

    You guys actually read the last one, so here's another.

    So apparently this guy had to spend 200 thousand dollars just to get the right to park in his own driveway. The Homeowners association wouldn't let him put it there until he sued them. Right...

    As someone who worked for a homeowners association I can tell you they are all power hungry little twerps who just want to goad their ego >_>

    Best idea ever. Senator Lindsey Graham believes we should amend a constitutional amendment that says any child born in the US of A is automatically granted citizenship.

    You see, an illegal immigrant from any country, let's just say Mexico (Cause..they're almost all from there!) can have a child in America, and it is completely paid for by our government. I have no idea why. We pay for the birth, their stay and rest, everything. And then, the child gets citizenship here. Why? Because their parents broke the laws. Talk about screwy...

    Why, I'll just let this song tell you about it. ^^

    And then another video on the subject! This is by Klavan, one of the best commentators on Youtube, by far.

    And look, another Alfonso Rachel video! If you want to watch it or skip it, whatever.

    Illegal immigrants also make up most of drunk driving accidents, and yet are a very small part of the population...yeah.

    If you haven't heard by now, apparently new york city wants to have a mosque built where part of some buildings were damaged by the 9/11 attacks. There's just, so many things wrong with it, that's not even funny. To put it in perspective, it'd be like building a Nazi museum at a concentration camp, or putting a match factory over the site where people burned to death tragically. You just aren't supposed to do that...

    Apparently the people who are doing it are trying to show off the peaceful sides of Islam. Oh, and recently a man killed his daughter for being raped, because that dishonored his family. But anyway, back to the peaceful religion of Islam, historically building a mosque on a site is how Muslim people conquered sites. They did the same thing to Constantinople (now Istanbul) during the Crusades and several other places where they waged war against those who didn't believe in them. Also, most New Yorkers really don't want it there. But we'll see.

    This lady thinks that President Obama hasn't done enough to heal racism. He needs to add more minorities to his cabinets and stuff. Yep! That makes sense. The best way to prove race is over is to complain that minorities aren't getting enough leadership positions. The best way to prove racism ends is, afterall, to keep judging people by the color of their skin..

    A list of reasons President Obama could be impeached? And it's from Canada...Not that I know if he should be impeached or not. But there's the list.

    And there is a teensy bit of this weeks news. ^^
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