A little news for ya ^_^ (July 23, 2010)


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    A little news for ya ^_^ (July 23, 2010)

    Post by quater

    So I read the news. A lot. It's one of my things.

    So here is some stuff you may or may not know.

    A woman running for some council position was going to have her ballot box election run with the terms: I'm not the 'whitemans' bitch but was told she couldn't. Aw. How sad. I am sure the world will sorely miss that.

    According to her: "I'm not making a derogatory statement toward an ethnic group. I'm stating what I'm not," so there ya go.


    California has spent more on education, a lot more, recently. People in California believe, more money per student better the chance of a student doing well, right? Right?


    Apparently not. More money just means more beaucracy, which actually lowers the chances of a student doing well. So the next time you here: we need to raise taxes for the kids remember how that worked in California. It hired a bunch of people who never even see kids.

    As someone who had been to the Student Guidance counselors office in an attempt to get removed from a class I had a 40 average in (spanish 3) I can tell you, they were so useless they actually got in my way more than anything. I despise student guidance counselors and the army of do nothing rule makers in schools.

    Unemployment is going down right?

    Naw. Oh, and Teenagers are looking at 50% unemployment. Guess what. Unemployment is going to hit Teenagers far harder than anyone else. Why? Cause not only do teenagers now have to compete against older people willing to take any job they can get (I have seen older people working gas stations, mcdonalds, etc, all men who I knew once had successful companies that went to my church). But they raised the minimum wage.

    Do you know about the minimum wage? Probably don't, actually.

    You see in 2007 the minimum wage was 5 dollars or so. Now it's 7 dollars. Why is that bad? Shouldn't that give out more money?

    Nope. Here's the thing. For starters, most minimum wage earners are teenagers. That means all of us. That's why we all suck.

    So let's say you run, I don't know, a Pizza Hut. And every hour you average, 300 dollars in revenue, right(300 dollars worth of people ordering pizzas)? And you pay out 5 dollars an employee and can afford about 4 employees an hour (Power, rental, equipment, and supplies takes most of the rest of your money). Now suddenly you are told each employee is now worth 7 dollars an hour, not 5. But you are still only getting 300 dollars per hour. It's not like you started making more money, cause you didn't. So you have to start paying 8 dollars more an hour. Oh, and guess what 8 dollars an hour is? Surprise! The same as a minium wage. So to make up for the lost money you decide you have to run the ship on 3 people, instead of 4.

    So now someone's getting fired because you can't afford them (afterall, that one hour expands over days and weeks and that ends up being a lot of money). The people you have have to work harder and longer hours to make up for the lack of neccessary employees. You can't afford to even bother hiring new people, cause you know they cost more.

    And to make it worse, the businesses that we shop at (fast food, clothes stores, etc) are all the ones that hire teenagers. And they all raise their prices to make up for the gap in revenue (cause they have to pay people more) so those of us who may be making that 7 dollars, end up spending more of it just to get fast food and clothes. So it doesn't go farther for anyone.

    And so businesses don't. We teenagers end up screwed. Thanks minimum wage. Afterall, do you think it's any coincidence that all this 'economic stumbling' started in...2007! And got worse....in 2008! And then in 2009! Right when the minimum wage was being raised on us. Oh darn.


    This article is really good! I really liked it. Read it. It's about why people are sick of hearing about the race card, and why president Obama plays it!


    So apparently there was a site called: Journolist where journalists talk bad about the right. And they are supposedly...unbiased?


    Herman Cain is running for president? I hope so! I've heard him speak, and he rocks.

    And there ya go! Not that I expect anyone to read this.

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    Post on Sat Jul 24 2010, 07:05 by amaterasu

    I thought it stopped after the chart, but dear me I was wrong.

    Good blog, I like getting news info from the states sometimes. I know here minimum wage is almost 9$ and we've suffered less (probably because we have 10% of your country's population)

    Post on Sat Jul 24 2010, 08:38 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Our minimum wage is pretty sucky I think.
    We get like 3.57 if you're under 18, 4.83 if you're between 18 - 22, or 5.80 if you're over 22... it's kinda stupid to do it like that =/

    Post on Sat Jul 24 2010, 13:09 by Banouin

    And yet I hear every day "Get a job!" from my mom.

    Post on Sat Jul 24 2010, 20:39 by KarateKeyaQ

    I....don't think America has moved beyond race. At least, not in the place I live! (Whew, I had my city down there for a second and then I remembered internet stalkers and was like noo! xDDD I'm dumb :3 )

    I still need a freaking job! T__T

    That woman XD
    She's a loon!

    Post on Sun Jul 25 2010, 02:33 by quater

    Wow, I am really surprised I got you all to comment on this. I wasn't expecting any comments. Thanks guys. ^_^

    If you like little political tidbits and news blogs like these, I can post one or two up a week and you guys can read em.

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