Today is a good day. (:


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    Today is a good day. (:

    Post by theBOSS.


    As I sit here typing, chilling, listening to music, snow is coming down hard. I keep looking out the window and I feel happy.
    I have a mug of hot chocolate next to me. I'm not at school learning about buffers and titration.

    It's a good day today. (:

    But... I have a shitton of homework and a synthesis essay I shouldn't procrastinate on.
    Oh well. It'll be finished... soonish.
    And today was supposed to be review day for the Chem test tomorrow.
    Oh well. My Asian-ness will hopefully pull me through.

    Oh, yeah. And I ended up not getting a C on my Chem midterm, it was a B! :DD
    That means I got two Bads on my midterms. Not good, but it's better than a Catastrophic.

    Haha, it feels like a blizzard. People are outside trying to shovel snow, but the snow keeps coming down and down and down~
    It's supposed to snow until tomorrow morning, so maybe school will be cancelled for two days?

    The only sucky things about today are homework and the fact that I may have to go to work. And I'll have to walk though the snow because it's pretty bad driving conditions.

    Maybe I'll take a picture of the outside world and put it up. xPP

    Today's a good day! :DD
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    Post on Wed Feb 10 2010, 15:28 by quater

    Put the picture up so us Floridians see snow!

    Post on Wed Feb 10 2010, 21:04 by theBOSS.

    I will, I will.

    Post on Sat Feb 13 2010, 04:05 by Mikel

    haha, nice, death.

    Post on Sat Feb 13 2010, 09:10 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    SNOW :D

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