The President of yesteryear!


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    The President of yesteryear!

    Post by quater

    Okay! So this week marks one year in office for our President. President Obama was inaugurated January 21st, 2009. I often hear people saying, "Things nowadays are really President Bush's (Yeah, cause anyone else puts president before his name....) fault!" or, the ever so fun, "President Obama hasn't even been in office all that long for him to make a difference."
    Folks, it's been a year. Democrats have, in the past, blamed President Bush for not foreseeing the September 11th attacks, and they were 9 months into his office. If President Bush gets blame for 9/11, then surely we can be fair to say that after a year President Obama is mostly responsible for this economy.

    Using MSNBC's numbers (Note, MSNBC is the MOST biased news station, ever) they say President Bush's leaving statistics were 6.7% unemployment. Well, I've personally heard them as 5.8%, but whatever. We'll give him the worst possible, right? Fairness?

    President Obama unemployment: 10.2%, and that was as of several months ago. This was after President Obama PROMISED that after they passed the Stimulus bill, "Unemployment would not raise above 8%" when at the time, it was about 7%. Way to go there big guy. But according to speaker of the house Nanci Pelosi, (Who runs half of Congress) every month we didn't pass that bill we lost, "500 million jobs."

    And she was serious folks. She said it twice. (Once after she was corrected by a news reporter.)

    And real unemployment numbers have it much closer to 12 or 14% since so many people have quit looking for work.

    There's also another special statistic. Although President Obama started out with pretty normal favorability ratings. Actually, fairly high! He had that big hooplah for his inauguration. Remember the nice days when he was, "Hope", "Change", and all that stuff we could 'believe in'?

    Yeah, I remember that, too. No longer. His Presidential favorability has had one of the biggest plummets of any modern president. Which is amazing, considering, unlike President Bush, he has had the media covering him EVERY SINGLE CHANCE IT GETS. Literally, I do not know that I've ever seen a news reporter (outside of Fox) try and call President Obama on his crap. They do nothing but protect the guy.

    Or here's something to remember. Remember when they said President Obama was going to change race? That he would end racial issues in America? That once a black man was elected we'd never hear about race again?

    Hah. Hah. Hah. I've never heard such a racial year in my 5 years of politics (not long, but I digress). In modern politics he's been the MOST racially divisive president of them all since the 60's.

    Seriously, folks. Or look at the terrorist attacks. Yes. Attacks. Multiple attempts! We have the Fort Hood shooter. We have the Christmas bomber. Who's next? No one knows. All in the span of a few months we've already had two attempted attacks. Hm. And where was President Obama for the first shooting? Oh, he made a very soft around the words speech about "Don't rush to judgment" and other junk. Amazing. He wouldn't even stop the Tribal Nation event to take care of a serious national crisis. Imagine if President Bush had ever not stopped a planned speech to make a speech to take care of a crisis. Or offered light jokes as his introduction to a shooting?

    Then there's the Christmas bomber situation. People make fun of President Bush for reading a book to children and not stopping when he heard the first Trade Center fell (Note: This isn't a planned speech he refused to change. Don't think to compare the two). Why? It seemed obvious you don't toss the kid off your lap and run out the door and freak them out. You stay, finish reading, then get out of there as fast as possible. The Democrats really know how to do it, afterall. When President Obama was told of a terrorist attack he....continued golfing? But afterward he really went to town and....waited several days to remark on the issue? (I know the Christmas Bombing wasn't as bad as 9/11, but in a post 9/11 world getting to potential terrorist attacks should be a Presidents top priority)

    And of course the man was an 'isolated' religious extremist. They always are. Religious, note. Not Islamic, even though I have yet to hear of a Christian or Jewish or Hindu bomber in the United States. It's a religious one, got it? And they're never connected to terrorism. They're extremists. Not terrorists. Terrorists is what President Bush made up to scare children at night. Under President Obama they don't exist. Only, religious extremists exist. The real solution is getting rid of religion. But not Islam, it's a religion of peace. We'll start by tossing Christianity and Judaism. Those are the real threats, afterall. Besides, if we were Islamic they wouldn't wanna blow us up. Makes sense, right?

    As sarcastic as the above was, it's not all that far from the truth nowadays.

    Alright, I've laid the foundation. I didn't want to just say, "President Obama is doing badly" and leave it at that. I know most of you are very out of the loop when it comes to the news. So I wanted to give you some background on what our President is doing. And some of you might like President Obama, so I wanted to give you some reasons why I dislike him.

    Personally, and this is affirmed by the many, many radicals he has in his cabinet and all over his White House, President Obama is a hippy. He's an icon of the hippies, at least. Many of you go, "Woah! Hippies! Psychadellic! They're so cool, right?" Um, no. Although having sex, doing drugs, and not having a job while kicking back to some Beatles might seem like the high life to some of you, it's quite pathetic. But the hippies had a truly frightening out look on politics. In their world, although they had some reasoning behind it, America was this:
    - An evil capitalist machine that beat down poor people and abused every race and creed.
    - Was a horrible monster that invaded nations for giggles and wealth exploitation
    - Was full of rich people that stole money off the backs of poor people
    - Is a international menace, that was unfair to the Soviet Union (You know, that country that used to exist that was sooo nice to those millions it killed) and needed to have its power toned back. So it could be cool, like Europe.
    - Needed to disarm! Our nuclear weapons are, like, totally gonna lead to a nuclear holocaust, man.
    - And like, you know, the Government is bad (Yeah! I agree!) so we should vote Democrat (Doh!)
    - Drugs, naw man. Naw. It's good. Should be legal, yeah? Yeah...
    - Etc.

    There is possibly some validity to some of these beliefs back in their timeframe. For the 60's and 70's having hippy beliefs, though considered by most as immature, may be permitted.

    But it's 2010. We live in a completely different world, now. America is not the Evil of Evils people used to think it was. We have proven that not disarming and stopping the Soviet Union was the right thing to do. We have proven that capitalism works because America is now the most charitable nation on Earth. We have proven the poor in America can become rich. We have proven that we are racially tolerant (President Obama should know that better then most). Europe has fallen into disrepair. Being like it would be a horrible move (Noffense to Europeans, but Socialism didn't work).

    We have proven that Government IS bad. And we have also proven that Democrats are incompetents when it comes to running Government (Thanks to Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton). So why oh why do we have a President that runs the country like he's from the 60's and 70's?

    And by the way. He does. If I had the time, and you the patience to read it, I'd write you a book explaining how his policies are right out of the 60's page of liberalism. Sadly, it will not work. Trust me, though. I wouldn't make that up. And if you look at pretty much any of his policies you can trace them back to the roots of what I said above, if you try.

    The reason why, of course, is because of the insulation of liberalism in America. Anyone who denies that the Media is heavily biased, especially after the election of President Obama, towards Democrats they would be a fool. Professors all over America routinely attack Conservatism from their pulpits. And between Universities of Higher learning, objective journalism, and the natural 'counter culture' of today's youth, piled on with Hollywood Media cheers. And is it any wonder? From every one of these places you'll find Liberalism is the avowed proper path. While Conservatism is the way for racists, sexists, homophobes, Bigoted God believers, and poor southerners.

    This liberalism has existed inside this vacuum inside of America, ricocheting between politics at the forefront, and hiding in movies, for years. The same radicals that were around in the 60's are the SAME Democrats still in office (including a Ku Klux Klan Member, by the way. And he's no Republican). President Obama's own past asserts that he was in love with the 60's philosophies. In his days in College he said he enjoyed Marxism and described in his biography he liked listening to Communist professors. He joined radical 60's/70's groups. He got his first big job as a lawyer that graduated from Harvard from a Weather Underground member (a terrorist that attacked the Pentagon because of the Vietnam war). He joined a Church that daily attacked America for being racist to black people, and had several black panther friends. He was in on the million man march. His history shows link after link after link that puts em right in the era of the 60's/70's philosophies.

    So there's no doubt about it. He's a president governing from the hippy era. His policies come from the most radical of liberalism in America. He is lost in a violent radical days gone by. And some of you are wondering, "Okay, well, is that so bad?"

    Yes, it is. And as I proved when I first started this blog, this is really hurting our country's economy, foreign standing, and society. I'm sorry, folks. But the 60's and 70's are over. We proved those philosophies wrong with Ronald Wilson Reagan. We have proved time and time again they were nothing but radical college students who didn't know what they were talking about. This country isn't living in a Vietnam, Cold War, Great Society, Watergate era anymore. It's 2010. A new decade. It's been a long time since America was facilitating race. It's been a long time since America was in that state, guys.

    And if our President wants to be looked at as a leader of this country and the world, he needs to realize that. And start acting like a President should. The country is going through hard times unlike any we've ever faced before recently and our President looks on with a philosophical lens that is completely outdated and completely useless to help. And in fact, is extremely harmful.
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    Post on Sun Jan 17 2010, 16:41 by Toshii

    hmmm....what a dilenma on Obama's hands...

    Post on Sun Jan 17 2010, 16:42 by quater

    I'm sorry, what? ^_^

    Post on Sun Jan 17 2010, 16:51 by Toshii

    doh! >_<

    spelled it wrong sorry... ^^;;;;;



    Post on Sun Jan 17 2010, 17:21 by amaterasu

    You should become an author, or perhaps some professor on politics Q

    Post on Sun Jan 17 2010, 20:13 by quater

    Thank ya, Ama!

    Post on Sun Jan 17 2010, 20:39 by UreshiiQ

    :3 I agree with Ama. You know the facts and everything! And you put it good :3

    Post on Sun Jan 17 2010, 20:44 by Toshii


    Post on Tue Jan 19 2010, 07:56 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    I'm quite proud I read all of that lol.

    Post on Tue Jan 19 2010, 20:00 by Toshii

    i had to comeback and read it each day.... ^^;;; i finished it on sunday...

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