President Obama hates Youtube!


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    President Obama hates Youtube!

    Post by quater

    Well, not exactly. He just wants to move all his videos onto a Government Video service and thinks you should to.

    Now really, the only part of my blog that makes this weird is this stuff at the beginning where the author had to make an edit:
    Editors' note: Correction, March 3, 12:46 p.m. PST: This post, which originally carried the headline "White House ditches YouTube after privacy complaints," significantly misconstrued the White House's policy on and use of YouTube. In the interests of disclosure and transparency, we are leaving the contents as originally posted, with two subsequent update notes and with the exception of the headline change. See also our follow-up story,

    And then had to write a follow up story called: No, the White House didn't ditch youtube.

    Okay, sure, this is a year old and I just randomly found it when I googled "What comes after youtube"

    Buuuut seriously, what is up with that? I have never seen the White House have news changed before. And trust me. They certainly "misconstrued" and messed with President Bush articles. I remember one NBC News Video where they made President Bush look like an idiot using his own words!!! Try 7 seconds of a 30 second long paragraph. Yeah, I can make you look stupid too if I cut you off mid sentence. Anyone looks stupid cut off mid sen-

    Where was the random little, "We made a bad article and misplaced the White House's data and are now making a fixeroo."

    "We cut off President Bush midline and now we are playing the whole thing" would of worked for me.

    The other weird thing was, A) Has anyone heard of or used the site he was talking about? I haven't. B) Didn't Youtube videos, like youtube vid makers, anti-bush slanderers, and "Obama Girl" help get him elected? Thanks peeps, now see ya Youtube.

    But that's right, he's not ditching youtube, and if you say that you have to write a new article telling the truth.

    Scary thing is this is not the first time I heard the White House did this.....It's definitely the second time they told news agencies to quit misconstruing their words or intentions and to write follow up 'real' news articles not fake ones.

    Whatever. I don't know. On the one hand, President Bush got totally slammed by false reporting and had a real presidency turned into a world wide sham by nothing but false data. On the other hand, real reporting shouldn't get slammed to meet the President's needs just because he doesn't like the way the story was told. Double standard bugging me here? I don't know, just seems a little weird.
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    Post on Wed Mar 10 2010, 18:42 by Lunami

    Q, the things you find online really are surprising. I don't think anyone else looks up such odd things on youtube, only to find something somewhat related. Anywho...

    I've never heard of Akamai until I read that article, nor do I think I'll ever use it. As for the rest of the blog though, I can't exactly comment. I'm not politically knowledgeable about all that.

    Post on Sat Apr 10 2010, 13:49 by Mikel

    talk about media manipulation.

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