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    the site

    Post by Daiku

    okay don't get me wrong i'm not going to sit here and say this site suck and all but more like what its lacking right now i can see how not very many new people and actively posting on this site as much as it used to have and well it seems like everyones trying to get these small missions to do to get other to join in post get it active but from what i know the missions went from being to hard to beat less you scan every detail to just post this talk here kinda thing like you trying to do everything to keep it alive

    i for one don't want to see this site go belly up but i don't want o see it turn into a kind of ninja kiddy park as well their so many ninja clans and nomadic clans im wondering where this all fits in here getting to the point were it looks like to survive each tribe clan village need their own seperate website for anything to work and then more for the clan battles or to talk to each other and stay connected to them

    but i guess that's just my own opinion on the matter but still it seems like the site is being choked to dead by its own members and more so by the members who wont do anything and decide to skim through look at things and just not do anything but look its a forum not a newspaper do something ever now and again dont just sit there like a lazy good for nothing post crack a joke or wind if you want to just do something to let everyone know that your not just taking up space here and need to be cleaned out for it even if its once a week or something post

    well i guess i better stop before i get yelled at by someone for something on this just saying my part to how i see things here on this place i dont want it to drown in dead bodies i really like this place and dont want to see it go well i'm off making a brighter word one long gasping rant at a time cuse knowledge is power lame i know
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    Post on Sat Sep 26 2009, 18:43 by quater

    You need to use periods, Daik ^_^;;

    Post on Sat Sep 26 2009, 23:57 by SickSelfishSyQo

    I was thinking that EXACT same thing.

    Post on Sun Sep 27 2009, 11:28 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    The only people I've seen complaining about how the site is dying are the people who come on to post about how its dying, yet don't try and help it survive.. but they seem sooooo concerned its "dying" or whatever.


    Post on Sun Sep 27 2009, 12:13 by Banouin

    Daiku, who are you?

    I have never seen you before.

    Post on Sun Sep 27 2009, 13:28 by amaterasu

    I can't read

    darn it
    and it seems I can't spell words right on my first try.

    What was he saying?

    Post on Sun Sep 27 2009, 14:38 by GL

    i think the site is going just fine, (: mabye there are just a little few people online from time to time, but thats only becasue school have started.

    so i think he talks BS!

    Post on Sun Sep 27 2009, 16:29 by KarateKeyaQ

    Wait, is he insulting the site or praising it?

    I'm not sure how to reply...

    Post on Sun Sep 27 2009, 16:31 by quater

    Me neither. Both, Me thinks.

    Post on Sun Sep 27 2009, 22:40 by quater

    I understood this to some degree!

    Post on Wed Sep 30 2009, 03:10 by Daiku

    yeah sorry about the missing periods when i rant i seem to forget them my bad

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