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So, it's been 20 days or so since we said we're closing WOTN.

To be honest, I've been pretty quiet about the whole thing. I feel bad, because as the leader of WOTN I feel like I should of been telling you lots of stuff. I usually have a ton to say, after all, yet I've been quiet.

That's mainly because I've been working like mad on the new website. I want to make something exciting, fun. Something that will last a long time. Something you all will look forward to. Something that is worth closing WOTN down over.

The other reason, is that if I went over all the...

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baaaadd neeeeewwwwsssss
today my dad came barging in my room at 8:oo to wake me up and now i'm no longer living with him. i didnt go completley by choice...i was kicked out, and i couldn't be happier. for once i'm not feeling stress or nothin... i feel new and refreshed , NOW TO GET A NEW FONE!! i had to leave my fone with him so my sister could use it. now my grampa is gunna get...

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I JUST GOT IT!!! HAHA!!! AND I AM DA FIRST PIRATE!!!! i find funny that when i got to pirate i saw quarter i was all like

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o....my....god lmfao
thats what today has been since my mom picked me up. we celebrated her xmas three days before and next week we do it again. i got a froggy hat, itunes gift card, mcdonalds gift card, and.....wait for it...CAAANNNDYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

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read and find out mai friends and random passer bys ;)
well hai thar. its christmas time and the stress and tension around me is so thick i can cut it with a cooking knife. probably cuz i'm moving and my dad is all mad that he won't be able to control me anymoar lol. yes i'm really moving. not far. just far enough to transfer schools and get away from stress an mean crapheads. i'm moving into my grammas but i'm not sure if i'm gunna move into my moms or not but if i do i stress will go up...

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seriously, facebook is really going down hills... is it just in sweden or is it all over the world too?

the "fjortis" people is taking over facebook with their urge for attention. -.- everywhere i go on facebook i see posts like "like this if you think im pretty. if i get under 10 im ugly as hell. please like ): <3 " ... seriously... i dont know why but i hate posts like this one.

btw, this is a fjortis.

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I dont know whether I dont have feelings or just plain confused.
It's been weeks probably months now. since me and my girlfriend aren't talking. Let's call it awkward whenever I'm with her I can't feel anything.
"nothing" at all . . . .
maybe of the distance. .
or I'm thinking her clingyness. * I'm having second thoughts about breaking up with her since I dont want to cause any trouble.

though i'm feed up with her possessiveness and her making a fret of me disappearing for a second. . .

Mikel did advice me with these stuff but i still can't think straight. . D:

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So, I was asleep one day, and my parents thought it'd be a great idea to use my laptop! How fun, right? They needed my password, and put me in a more or less "You must let us use it situation." So bleh, sign in, do my usual stuff I do when I sign in (clean stuff up, change the desktop around, etc...). Well, apparently, my dad isn't well liked, so when he signed into this on MMO my family plays, someone who doesn't like him decided to do something unfriendly, attack the computer he was on, which happened to be mine. Grumble mumble... So, what happens?

Nothing out of the ordinary,...

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First xbox died, fixed it a few times but it went kaput bought this one for 100$ and it just died today...shocker...

by Destinykil - Comments: 18 - Views: 247
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Dazed Dazed Dazed Dazed Dazed Dazed Dazed

by Sobou Yume - Comments: 9 - Views: 235
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Do you like elevator shafts??
Well, I don't.
I couldn't get in the building as usual, and so this lady, who was going in, opened the door for me. She then decided that was an opening to tell me her life story. To not be rude, I stepped onto the elevator to let her continue her conversation. She asked me what floor I needed, I told her 5, she continued her story. When she got to the college portion I realized we were on the 10th floor. ... She didn't push my floor number. Now, normally I would have just taken the stairs - I only live on the fifth floor, but no...

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right now im feeling all bad emotions you can possible feel, at the same time.

im sad because: it seems like this weird sickness i have cant go away. |:
im angry because: the penicillin that i got from the doctor wont work. /:
im fustrated because: i cant meet up with friends. ):
im depressed because: now that i finally got into the school i wanted, i cant go to the classes. D:

these past 4 weeks have been hell. i just want to get well soon, because if i dont go to school soon, im afrade that i wont get my allowance. D: .. im getting sick of being home....

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NO! NO! NO! Emo Corner Oh No! Darn... Wahh Praying Shocked

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i had surgery yesterday on my right wrist. pain is apparent. not used to this feeling. onmly have use of one hand. the flares...the weaskness

yet i still train through it all.

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Bwahaha Pissed NO! NO! NO! Oh Man... Wahh Ticked XD

by wayofthewaffle - Comments: 6 - Views: 187
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Rant about school!!

You all knew it was coming.
To fly

Surprisingly, there aren't that many things to rant about this year.


Being a senior kinda sucks though.

We have a dress code at my school. We can wear any choice of top but only blue, khaki, brown, black or grey pants. NO JEANS. That's fine. I don't really mind that. But they've begun to enforce a new rule.

No skin tight pants.

..........Now, I don't really wear...

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yesterday, monday here, when i got back from school... jan told me that there was a bus hostage taking. the bus contained mostly foreigners. hk people. some filipinos. around that time, the driver of the bus was able to get out and shouted that everyone was dead already. that's not the case, however, cause the casualty was like ten. and there were more than that in the bus. i can't remember the details. i went to work.

but when i got back, there were news that said that hk considers our country to be a place to avoid travelling in at all cost. to top that off, when i got back today,...

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internet's shitty and my phone broke or something. it hit the wall and it won't open. usually i don't mind that. it's not like i ever used that thing for anything else but to contact a few people when necessary and for work.

ah. and, for some reason, when i needed the internet at home the most, it just shits me. and my phone, for that matter. for the first time in a long while, i was allowed to stay at home and do paperwork for work instead of going to the office and all that crap. but yeah, internet's important. email and what shit.

and phone? yeah. can't contact the boss....

by Mikel - Comments: 61 - Views: 681
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Nero cannot be the Anti Christ, because his reign had already been and gone before Revelation was written. Therefor he cannot be him.

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So apparently, I'm not going to sleep tonight. It's 5:30am and it still hasn't happened. I'm leaving here at like, 9. If I actually did fall asleep in an hour or so, it would just be a tease.

Just so ya know, this isn't anything even minorly important. Rambling ranting with carry-on sentences is what it will most likely turn out to be.

Have you ever been in a situation where you just didn't know what to say?? I don't find myself in them all that often, until someone is in distress. I just can't think of anything to say to comfort someone...

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Sometimes, I wonder, why do things go so wrong so quickly?
Then I realize: It's because if it happened slowly, we'd be able to see it coming, right? We'd be able to stop it.

In theory.

I think one of the worst things to feel is being angry, and not really understanding why, and directing at a person because you don't have anywhere else to direct it. And then one day you wake up and realize, oh. I'm really only mad at myself. It's my fault.

And that...just sucks.

Things are changing. And I didn't realize how much things are changing until...

by sabaku no ketsueki - Comments: 8 - Views: 209
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you know what hurts the most? your parents hating you and not giveing a flying heck about you at all, and what hurt the most is when you try so hard to gain your parents love and they still hate you. I know that feeling from my own parents. and it hurts to know that they despise and hate me, just yesterday my mom called me a useless little B*tch and an Idiot and I did nothing wrong, I just feel like I should just stop trying cause I know my mom will never love me like a real mother she will always see a screw up and worthless little child, I have no one I can turn to for comfort I dont have friends...

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Oh boy.

Let me tell you about my trip on the greyhound, WOTN. I knew it was a bad idea from the beginning. How?? Not because of the fact that it was a two and a half day trip, not because I knew how uncomfy it was going to be, not even because of the shady cities I was about to venture through. Why then?? It started at 7:55 am - just before my bedtime, way to early to be anywhere if I slept on a normal schedual. So this trip was really doomed from the start.
I got to the station and for the life of me I couldn't find the greyhound desk. So I walked around...

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I really really hate depression (when I type this, I will be swearing in my mind most likely because I am really pissed and mad and angry and grrrrrr, but I am trying hard not to scare you people with a swear fest because no one needs that)

If you don't know, I have been suffering from depression for years, and some of it is caused by my concussion. I don't know if any of you people even contemplated suicide, but I have on a few occasions, I was at the point where I had a knife in my hand and felt the weight of all the loneliness and helplessness and sadness from my life, but since I'm...

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Great fudging day. The amusement park was amazing. The boys were kinda cute. And I know you're all like, "Resh! If your day was amazing, why is this in the rant and sadness section?" WELL. kashjdklj. My parents are Freedoming retards, that's why.

There are so many times that I want say Freedom, I won't even bother to censor it >.> My day started okay, I didn't really wanna go at first, because my body hurt, and everything. But then I took motren, then took a really hot shower.

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Ok im sitting around playing some rockband to end my fun day that i had with my friends

Im all looking forward to graduation and to my senior breakfast tomorrow & looking forward to eating out b4 graduation ceremony.

BUT no something will always have to go wrong, once things start going rly well for me.So my mom walks in and tells me this rly rly stupid excuse of "oh we're not going out for ur graduation dinner". i was like "why??" then my mom said "becuz it'll be too hard to do becuz we have alot of ppl." i told her its not that hard cuz...

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I'm so sick of everyone.

The liars.
The hypocrites.

I hate when people are disrespectful and rude for no reason once so
ever. Kids these days think they can do anything and say anything they
want without consequences. They don't think about anyone else's

It's irritating.

You think you know it all, you think you know every thing about me because I talk to you but you don't know anything. You don't know what I liked, who I am, you don't KNOW me. Nobody does.

I hatee itttttt.

You claim I don't love you...

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shiiit, it's sinking in. damn, i have school tomorrow.

shiiit, i have a class until 6pm. damn, gonna rush to work.

yeah, just shit. damn.

in my defense, most of you guys are from across the world so most of you have the same time going on vacation. while you toiled away for your finals and such, i was out of school already. though working. but out of school.

but damn, i have school tomorrow.

i usually don't really care but i'm still really not in the mood yet.

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we went to buy food at the grocery this evening D: when we got to the apartment place, by the gate-ish place door step :O there was an old woman. i think she looked a bit like 40 ish :< i've seeeen her before and mikelalo told me she was crazy. D: not like crazy fun crazy. but crazy mental crazy o_o like the one who has the mental disorder. :< it's sad. cause i saw her tummy bulging.

meaning she's pregnant! D: but she has been sleeping outside like at people's houses' doorstep ish, she's been wandering and i don't think she has any family. :< but she's pregnant. T___T when i...

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i don't care if other people have already complained about it but i am pissed off with this damn heat. -__-;;

you can't even nap properly without drowning in your own sweat.

how annoying. i can't even do any work done. this heat is just... yeah.

i'm gonna go kill the sun now or something. pft.

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Hm....(Abby ramblings and lots of that lame whining)
I don't normally blog about my feelings, but I decided to give it a go~

Although yesterday I was laughing about it, today it just gives me a sick feeling in my stomach. Like a bundle of nerves where my heart is located is biting into my soul. It hurts a little!

I truly got a bad end in this deal. And worst of all I will never even be looked upon as a victim or good guy. I'll be seen as the bad guy~

None of it was really fair for me. And yet I'm expected to step aside. It's a mess.

And the worst part is I truly want to move on. Forgive and forget....

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