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    Post by knssquad

    I wanted to be different and write something worthy of confusing my English
    teacher. Did I mention I am horrible at English? Well, I am, but that doesn’t
    stop me from writing this horrible typette!

    Essay Prompt: Describe your perfect
    spring day. What do you like to do outside?

    Ah, yes. The perfect spring
    day. Granted, I hate the outdoors. I hate the bugs, the bright sunshine, even
    the little birds chirping out one’s window when one is trying to take an
    extended afternoon nap. Granted, one could call me crazy. Hey, I’m downright
    insane, but my perfect spring day needs to be fun. Well, not fun for others,
    but fun for me; and if anybody knows me, then they should know I like violence,
    chaos, and food!

    The perfect spring day
    would start early, about 2 PM. As I stretched, at exactly 2:01 PM, Belgian
    waffles would rain from the sky! All the little birds chirping would be
    pummeled by steaming waffles. Happily, I would skip outside and have the
    breakfast of champions in the afternoon.

    At 3:13 PM, a passer-by would just happen to be
    passing by as the ICE CREAM TRUCK OF DOOM with spikes for wheels and evilly
    frosted popsicles would swerve out of the way of the passer-by, running into a
    fire hydrant and causing a massive explosion! Boom! Whoosh! Luckily, the ice cream
    would remain chilled while people ran around on fire. Then I would have the
    snack of warriors, ice cream on fire. See? This day isn’t coming along that bad
    is it? ;P

    After watching new episodes of That 70s Show (I
    know that series ended, but on my perfect day, I demand new episodes!) my
    homework would accidentally and spontaneously combust. The fire
    sprinklers would turn on and a genie would fall out the sprinklers. He would
    put out the fire, but not quick enough to save any of the homework. In a
    bellowing voice, the genie would …uhhh… bellow “I will give you 2.5 wishes!
    What do you desire?” After kicking away some the homework-y ashes, I would say
    “I desire-

    This essay was
    brought to you by Insanity!

    Insanity: Has you
    check your pillows for leprechauns recently?

    …and the flying walruses and I would all eat pie
    and live happily ever after.

    The End!
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    Post on Sat Sep 19 2009, 17:50 by SickSelfishSyQo

    I hope you actually did turn this in ^^

    Post on Sat Sep 19 2009, 18:13 by quater

    I've noticed fire appears twice in this story.

    Post on Sat Sep 19 2009, 20:28 by knssquad

    ;P You knew that would happen

    Post on Mon Sep 21 2009, 11:57 by Mikel

    haha nice.

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