at class, not listening.


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    at class, not listening.

    Post by Mikel

    because i'm bored. don't want to listen, just procrastinating.

    html codes. easy.

    i better study for the exam for next class. but i want to sleep.

    oh, shit, i just hope that song dies down SOON. -__-;; it's overrated and why the hell do they keep associating it with me.

    either way, happy, light and normal. got it.

    ...err, i'm feeling normal, not really light but moderately happy?

    ...there's such a thing such as cornflower blue? hm, i don't want to listen anymore. -__-;; but yeah, happy, light and normal. (what does light refer to actually?)

    i'm really bored. i want to go and drink. i bet i'd feel light then. :D
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    Post on Sun Sep 13 2009, 20:43 by amaterasu

    Are you at school right now?

    Post on Sun Sep 13 2009, 20:44 by quater

    You know how to do HTML, Mikel?

    Post on Sun Sep 13 2009, 20:48 by Mikel

    yes, ama. ^^

    hm, can't say i'm awesome at it, but yeah?

    Post on Sun Sep 13 2009, 20:54 by amaterasu


    Post on Sun Sep 13 2009, 20:56 by Mikel

    haha, times up. gotta go. see ya

    Post on Sun Sep 13 2009, 21:15 by quater

    Mikelz! You have to helps me with HTML on something later please~

    Post on Mon Sep 14 2009, 01:17 by SickSelfishSyQo

    'I bet I'd feel light then' ^_^

    Post on Mon Sep 14 2009, 05:13 by Mikel

    sure, q. let's see if i'm any help. ^^

    SSS, we get along great with that, don't we? :P

    Post on Mon Sep 14 2009, 14:32 by SickSelfishSyQo

    Haha, we should hang out more often ;D

    Post on Tue Sep 15 2009, 20:31 by Mikel

    haha, we should. ^^

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