Six Flags & 18


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    Six Flags & 18

    Post by CrispinFreemanWatcher16

    Sooo i went to Six Flags as like a celebration for me turning 18 yesterday~~

    *wooot* XD legal now bitches *just had to say that*
    In a sense i feel older in a weird way but all in all its like i feel the same...but like um like i feel more free-er xD Independent i guess u could say.

    soo tired of getting calls frm US army asking me to join*thats rly annoying.*
    happened all week.
    OK anyways enough of me blabbering i must bore you ppls XP

    Six Flags was fucking amazing ass shit~~Went on pretty much every ride except like 2 or 3. it was hella hot tooo like 100 something. we were waiting in line for this ride called X2*have to say that ride was wow INSANELY Qool as can be* it was the first ride we went on when i got there. OMG IT WAS SOO SICK!!!! So you get in the seat and when you leave the boarding thingy or watever...ur going backwards up to the top of the ride. omg soo much freakin fun. Your freely moving around once the ride starts sooo awesome doing flips as you go thru the ride & along with twist & korkscrew & huge flips. you get sprayed by water and then omg sooo awesome flames shoot up right next to you & u get ur pic taken. sooo awesome.
    Tatsu that is one ride that rly hits you~ you can feel the G's in that one on this huge forward flip allllll the waaaay made my eyeballs hurt the first time. all the other rides were freakin awesome too~~ got on two water rides since it was soo hot & there was a fire a distance away in the hills.

    Some girl fainted in line becuz it got so hot. We drank a lot of water there & lemonade^^ Terminator was not wat i expected it was good. there was this one water ride where it never even got us wet which was a huge waste..but there this bridge for when the ride comes down the drop it splashes the bridge
    soo i was heck yeah imma get wet on the bridge forget that ride omg i fuckin sooooaaakkked. this huge wave BOOM came damn and got me felt sooo good it was fun^^
    Then like like 8:30ish or so me, my sis, my couz & our friend quickly tried to get over to X2 so we could ride it for the last hour but it sadly was broke.

    SO i freakin hustled myself over to Tatsu at like 9:30pm we got in line waited not too long, got in front row which was awesome again~~ about freakin lost my voice going on that ride again XD then when we got off it was like 9:40ish or so and we were walking to the exit & one of the guys there was like you wanna go again. and i was like "woah really yeah!" so we freakin ran up the stairs & got to ride the last ride of the night after about a couple of other turns b4 ours. XD
    like 10pm we got the last ride was sooo awesome~~~ that made my night and was sooo dead tired after that. got home like 11:30ish.
    In every pic they took I was always with my hands up~its just not fun if don't do that DUH

    It was deff a great day & worth being in the heat~ Didn't go to sleep till 3am.
    Jeez wow hope i didn't sound boring! XD
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    Post on Mon Aug 31 2009, 10:28 by amaterasu

    Sounds like you had an awesome time

    Post on Mon Aug 31 2009, 15:45 by quater

    Aw, sucks that it was crowded for you. I went to six flags in Early August and it was very breezy ten minute waits in line.

    Post on Mon Aug 31 2009, 17:26 by CrispinFreemanWatcher16

    the lines were worth it Q, but it wasn't as crowded..only like around 2ish it was crowded in the lines.
    wow thats fast but suprisingly a lot of the rides were not even long to wait 15mins or 20.

    hell yeah i had an awesome time ama

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 19:54 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Aw, it seems fun ^_^

    Waits for rides here always take forever, even in peak time I swear you guys are lucky with waits in lines!

    Although loads of American people seemed to complain having to wait 20mins, that was a short wait for me xD

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 19:56 by quater

    Yeah. Ten minutes was the worst. Usually I walked up and could get into the line for waiting which cart I wanted to ride in and then just waited for it to pull in.

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 19:59 by amaterasu

    lines in our parks are about 4-5 mins tops

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