WOTN Help! ^_^


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    WOTN Help! ^_^

    Post by quater

    Okay, this is different than the other times I asked for WOTN help.

    This time instead of begging you layabouts to recruit, which is not really always very maximizing, a new plan is in order.

    WOTN Managers! Okay, you may be asking, what's that?

    Well, there are lot's of sections of WOTN that are falling badly out of updates. And instead of 6 kage's trying to run an entire website, pioneer new programs, and keep their villages stable, like we've been doing for over a year (up until we had only 5 Kage's) it's time to try a new tact.

    So, now you have a real chance to run parts of the site. Derive power. And control large segments of WOTN. You'd be paid highly in ryo, be able to hire others to help you, and really expand the operations of the area you work in. You'd have almost complete free will to do whatever you want, as long as you improved the parts of the site and kept them updated.

    Obviously the qualifications for such a job would be on a lot. Post a lot. Hard worker. Somewhat creative and somewhat able to lead.

    Other than that, feel free to do whatever.

    This is a really good oppurtunity for everyone to be able to help out WOTN, but also for a lot of people to be able to expand their power and long awaited dreams at doing different things. Just PM me, and in the next few days we'll see about getting you a section. Also, please tell us what are your top 2 preferred areas to manage.

    Here are the areas open to updating.
    - Videos, Manga, and Chaos theories are all grouped together for one person to work on
    - The Hot Springs
    - The Battle Arena
    - The Fanclubs
    - Fanart and Fanfiction
    - The Arcade
    - The WOTN records
    - The Market/Economy
    - Community Mission area

    Also, anyone who would like to become leader of a new division of ranked Hunter, Medical, and Anbu ninja, even if they aren't those ranks but are a Chuunin, can also PM me for news on that.

    See you in the bar. And as a reminder, we are always looking for WOTN manga help.
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    Post on Thu Feb 05 2009, 21:32 by theBOSS.

    But please. If you guys don't come on a lot, and don't post, please don't give us any more gray hairs. Just... do something else. Like post. o__o;

    Post on Mon Feb 09 2009, 17:24 by Meika-Chan


    Was this part of my idea? ._.;

    And do we apply here, or pm? >w>;

    [*sobs cause now she won't be the only hunter ninja*]

    Post on Mon Feb 09 2009, 17:29 by quater

    It's been an idea of mine since before the economy.


    Post on Wed Feb 11 2009, 18:42 by Meika-Chan

    Uh. o.o

    Do we get like mod power over our sections? It's kinda hard to work on them if you can't make stickies. >>;

    *goes to bother Dei about sticking my topic*

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