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So, it's been 20 days or so since we said we're closing WOTN.

To be honest, I've been pretty quiet about the whole thing. I feel bad, because as the leader of WOTN I feel like I should of been telling you lots of stuff. I usually have a ton to say, after all, yet I've been quiet.

That's mainly because I've been working like mad on the new website. I want to make something exciting, fun. Something that will last a long time. Something you all will look forward to. Something that is worth closing WOTN down over.

The other reason, is that if I went over all the...

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Hey, did you hear about that one joke that Q made about closing the site? That one that everybody bought for at least a fraction of a second? (If you claim that you didn't fall for it, then you deserve to be shot. Those who continue to deny it should be shot again.)

Well, I'm here to continue said joke with something a bit more serious. There will be no more updates to old processes on WOTN. There will be no more new systems. There will be no more new...anything. We're really closing down this time around.

Now, don't freak out or panic or call us cruel people for abandoning...

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Hey everyone!

Halloween celebrations are now officially over. So let's do a quick update.

The killer in the contest was Bano. If you guessed, you'll be given one stat. If you guessed correctly, you'll be given 2! I'm going to be doing this myself for you all.

I hope you all enjoyed the game. I think I saw that you guys did. We'll try to do more interactive games like that for you for now...

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Anyone remember them little things?

That...I gave up on! Beacause the last two or three no one did anything on? ^_^ Yeah! Well, bummer.

You get burnt out after a few....hundered trys to get people to do things! But thats all on me. Sorry guys. ^_^

But! I'm willing to try again. I just wanted to ask what you guys want.


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Note: Q wrote this, but Yoyo's posting it. It's super special awesome that way.

So you guys have been hearing about the change of WOTN into a site themed off of WOTNOPOLIS since about July. That was when it was announced, and it has truly been in the making since even before that. Well it is finally here! After months of laboring we have finally brought it to you. You can thank Yoyo and many others for their hard work on this project.

WOTN has truly been revolutionized. Forget WOTN 1.0/2.0/3.0/ etc and meet WOTNOPOLIS the 1st. For the first time in this website's history...

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Hey, I know it's been really inactive and empty lately guys, and I know a lot of you probably don't think anything is coming. That this is the end of the rope or road or whatever for WOTN.

But we are literally within a week - 2 weeks of having WOTNOPOLIS ready to roll out for you guys. This'll include all kinds of perks and add-ons and stuff you guys have been asking for and so much more to do on the website. It'll integrate tons of loose ends that we've had floating around. Just hang on and stick with us a little longer. We're so close. I'd hate to bring to you guys the change you've...

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We're going to be doing a Mid Year Competition for the month of August! Same as back in January, all Village's against one another. I'll be adding some new challenges to it, as well! I'll put it up tomorrow so you guys will see what I mean!

Death resigned as Kage a few months ago, and D-Dei has been as vacant as ever. I have been planning on moving Glacier and Shadow into one Village, so this will happen during the Mid Year Comp. Their first official challenge as a new Village. Anyway, so yeah. That's that.

There will be another quote tower comp, new Bano contests, and other...

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Okay guys, so I said I would be implementing changes on WOTN based on what we got from the Conference, and here goes some of those changes.

The first is going to revolve around the Fanfic Section, and what it offers.

You guys have really shown that we can make something big out of the fanfic section. What used to be a small part of the forum, rarely visited but for an occasional story or poem, is now a full blown attraction and center of the site. To help you guys out we now are going to have:
Subsections for stories
And a Fanzine, which...

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Hi there. You might of seen me around the site. They call me Q. I've been here a long time, and I've seen a lot of changes on WOTN. Some were good, some were not. But WOTN has never remained still. Now let me tell you about another change WOTN is planning.

Many of you may of heard of the series WOTNopolis, created by Q and Bano. It's a fanfic in the fan section, and it was quite the hit, still is. So what does this have to do with WOTN at large?

Well I'm glad you asked, random ninja. You see, WOTN has long been a Naruto site. But who here even reads Naruto anymore? Likes...

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For the Summer of 2010!
Hey guys! Been a while since we've done much with WOTN. On the one hand, you guys seem to be enjoying the site as is, and that's good. But we need to start fixing WOTN up. A loooot of her is starting to wear down.

And every summer I've worked hard to bring WOTN new stuff and update her. This year, we're going to have the WOTN Conference of 2010. You guys will help me set the pace for what we want to fix and how we are going to do it.

What's it going to be? Basically, all the problems of WOTN and ideas and stuff you want on WOTN will be proposed here. And if you want to participate...

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I'm posting that up for you all to look over again.

^_^ I'm not going to make some long post about how you need to go off recruiting.

But I will say this, you need to do it =/

WotN will die if you don't~

Thats what you get for doing it~ A non-dead WotN.


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Does that even need to be news?
So, bano and I brainstormed and are coming up with a looooot of ideas for WOTN!

Welcome to the beginning of WOTN 3.0. ^_^ WOTN 2.0 was announced a long time ago. WOTN 1.0 is dead.

So! WOTN 3.0 here we go.

And to start, I deleted Suggestions and Support.

No one EVER used it. But if you have a suggestion, PM me. If you need support, PM me or a Kage.

The end.

I deleted Meika's Weapon's Shop.

Weapon's Shops are going to be replaced by Clan Shops, so it's no longer used.

Videos section was moved into the Ramen...

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You know you want to!
When people post a fanfiction, the most valubale thinng a person can give is their advice and constructive criticism. Right?

So! What Q and I brainstormed about last week was to have some fanfiction critics on staff to offer advice to those budding writers!

Basically, to be a critic, you have to be able to read, to be active enough on WOTN so that you'll actually read some of the fanfics, and to be a decent writer with good pointers for other writers!

I haven't worked out the specifics yet, but basically, whenever there is a new fanfiction/chapter updated in...

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Killing me softly~
Anyway, almost 3 years ago Punkfilter created Way Of The Ninja. He did it as a fun idea he and I shared. Say what you will about his administrating skills, Way Of The Ninja would eventually become the funnest website on the internet in my honest opinion. And my online home.

And now, it is with great sadness I tell you, that the adventure is over. At least for the Forumotion leg of it. Forumotion has emailed Punkfilter, who Pmed me. Apparently, Forumotion is cracking down hard. A bunch of corporations are saying that Forumotion is stealing or something, which is totally untrue. In response,...

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So, if you have any weapons now you'd like to refund, PM Meika. ^^ She'll refund your weapons so you can get your Ryo back. All weapons/shields/etc from her shops are now void. So, yeah. Definitely would want to refund those.

The clan shops will be coming, and you'll be able to buy all the same basic goods there. So go get your Ryo back.

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And Mountain defeated Mist.

Also, another sad fact for Mist, Amaterasu has quit the position of Mizukage, for those of you who do not know.

The likely replacement is going to be Destinykil for now, folks.

You been updated.

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Are mostly closed.
For starters, thank Meika Chan. She worked, really, really, really hard on these two sections. And it's a really bad coincidence that the two sections that the Clans will replace happened to be where she was working hardest.

Community Missions are over. Two reasons: A) I never understood why we had them. Kage's should be in charge of missions I think. And any mission the community can do can be given by each Kage. So yeah.
B) Clans will be giving out Missions, and so will Kage's. You don't really need this third vaguely operating Missions section. It also makes things look nicer...

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Are here. And I do declare. They are awesome.
They are here they are here! And they are totally gonna radicalize the site.

Your village will be getting yours soon. Mountain, Sand, and Storm are getting first dibs. Then others come after. Make your Village active and you get em sooner. Otherwise, aw..
Click Yoyo's link below!


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Clans things
Keep rocking.

I also just got through fighting off an elephant that thought it was a walrus.

Keep me posted.

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If you don't know about this...Then you just fail. Like, we need to post your name up forever. Anyway. Woah! For real. War starts tonight kids. Q will be posting up the topics. And all that. If you are not ready by now. You also fail.

I take a bow and say goodluck to mist!

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Not that many.
Okay so we are within grasping of this final moment!

Thank God Almighty! We are almost there. It was just December I was asking us to run forward and get 3500 members! Now here I am saying we're almost to 4000! Wow! I am as shocked as anyone, truthfully.

So here we go, 4000 users. I really, really want to get there. Like, so bad. The 3000's and 2000's have not been good to us. 4000 users would put us into a new game and prepare us for a new WOTN like nothing else!

So here's the deal! Special WOTN button this month for anyone who gets 4 users! 4 is a fair...

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Let the Candy war begin!
Well, Mist and Mtn are going to war this weekend *Ama should be here by then.*

This was talked about last month as something fun and a way to test a new idea. ^_^

Kages will be getting a set ryo that they can use for war. They can get there ninja stuff and buy and sell other ninja to fight. Like, I can buy Yoyo *so did, she is so easy* Anyway. That inside joke out of the way~

Say a kage wanted a ninja from another village to fight in the war for them. Well, now you can. Pay that ninja. Bam! They work for you. Just make sure no other kage pays more ^_~

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So from now on, each month will give a button that will go under your rank!

For what? For being an elite contributor! Yes, to recruit. Two recruits. That's it! And you get a monthly Button that you can wear and showoff your ninja cool!

So what are you waiting for! Recruit! Button changes each month. This month's button is:

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Hey guys, so I just thought I'd sum up what happened.

Mountain, the smallest Village on WOTN, won by a landslide victory. The margin was not close at all. A strong second and third were Sand and Storm. Behind them was Inferno, followed closely by Glacier. Towards the bottom was Shadow and at the near end was Mist.

This competition exceeded, by far, any expectations we had for it. WOTN really proved it had some merit, so good job all around. Everyone that tried in this competition should be proud of the hard work they did. Although the winners will be getting all the special...

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Big congratulations to Thi Cup (Inferno), Toshii (Mountain), Ureshiichan (Mist), and Little Shiro (Mist) for passing the Chuunin Exam.

These are definitely our biggest new ninja for the site so encourage them!

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Inferno Village?
So if you've been paying attention, you'll notice that there's a new mysterious village on Way Of The Ninja. That's right, Way Of The Ninja is saying goodbye to the Migrant Village Hidden in the Sun. It's been with us for two years, and it's never failed to brighten our days. It always gave me warmth on a cold day. I know for sure that it was a delight and sunny feeling anytime I looked at the Village. It truly was a Sunny side up kind of Village (I'm going to stop these puns before everyone kills me ._.)

But for lots of reasons, Sun Village has been overtaken. Really, it's gotten stronger...

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Just random odds and ins
I did some updates and I thought I'd fill you in:
1. Added the portal back to the site. Not sure where it went. I also cleaned it up. The new and improved WOTN portal is here:
2. I closed a few forums and combined some others.
- Closed the WOTN Manga Forum. Since we're postponing production why have a forum for it?
- I combined Naruto Manga and Chaos theories into Naruto theories. We've long had the two forums separate and it really served no purpose to have two forums that do the...

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I might start posting these in the 'mission' section [with Meika's permission] instead of spamming up the News and updates place, but for now, Crossword number 2!

This one is a Kage based one, so enjoy! :3

Hopefully you'll find it a biiiit harder.. but we'll see.

Again stats reward if you complete it :D

Go go go~

PM me the answers, if you post them here, I'll eat you >:3

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Cause we all love news~ (Competition of Villages, Chuunin Exam, and Assasinations)
Okay! 3 important announcements for the time being! I shall try and be as brief as I can be! But we all know that's very hard for me...

1. Chuunin Exam
They will be the weekend of January 22nd. If you don't know what they are, don't fret. All will be explained then. Just PM your Kage and tell them you want in. Try and get two other people you can take the exam with, as well! You'll be taking them in teams of three and so if you want to pass it's highly suggested you pick your other two members before you take the exam. Otherwise you may get stuck with two deadbeats that do no work....

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Okay, Bano kindly allowed me to do a aracade/gamey kinda challenge for you guys!

Sooooo here it is.

Save it and circle/line through all the words!
Then save it and send it to me via a pm

If you post it here I wont give you stats and I'll have to most probably poke you for the rest of eternity :P

Do it correctly and you'll get a lovely stat reward :3

I did it myself to find the answers, and it was kinda...

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