New Recruitment Plan!--Sun kicked butt!

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    New Recruitment Plan!--Sun kicked butt!

    Post by sabaku no ketsueki

    No! it's not a boring message from Q!
    It's a boring message from Saba! snap!

    ok, so as many of you have probably not noticed, we are fairly close to reaching the 3000 memebr mark. BUT! we're short by 300. So you know what that means...


    yes, it's annoying. and no, it's not easy. BUT! We'll make it worth it

    so here's the rundown: by the end of November, we would like to get 3000 members. If you recruit 2 members, free access to the arcade! woot! and when you get 4 new members, you'll get a new rank: WOTN Elite Shinobi. with this new awesome rank, you get to see a super-amazing new hidden forum!

    and for a limited time only (till the end of november :P) you'll get 9 stats for every person recruited!

    sounds fun, right? :D
    we're also making this a competition between villages. we're gonna see how many people each village can recruit by the end of november. the score will be at the end of this post.
    Note: only recruits after today, November 2nd, will be counted

    So when you recruit someone, in order to kill any confusion, please PM me, and only me, and I'll let your kage know so you get your stats (or I'll just stat you :P)

    make sense? :D
    Another Note: this post will most likely be edited many times, so keep checking back for updates!

    PS- Please don't freak out if it takes me 10 years to update this. I've been plagued with homework for the past few weeks, so WOTN activity is a little hard to get unless it's friday :P

    And, for the love of God, people, don't make double accounts and say you recruited. that's just dishonest and takes the fun out of all of this

    Shadow: 5
    Storm: 1
    Sand: 10
    Mist: --
    Sun: 15
    Glacier: --


    that is all.

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    Post on Sun Mar 29 2009, 13:11 by King_Of_Blades

    im going to try to be come chuunin this time all i have to do now is find scrolls when the exams are here

    Post on Sun Mar 29 2009, 14:10 by amaterasu

    are there still scrolls?

    Post on Sun Mar 29 2009, 20:17 by King_Of_Blades

    idk if there is or not

    Post on Sun Mar 29 2009, 20:20 by amaterasu

    I had to find scrolls, took me 2 hours

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