The Story From The Last One Standing


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    The Story From The Last One Standing

    Post by PeinQAkatsuki on Tue Sep 02 2008, 19:21

    With our hearts still beating
    And our wounds still bleeding,
    We still stand to fight
    Though we're going to lose tonight.
    Why not kill it as with other days?
    Why not kill it in creative ways?
    We'll just go with the cliche,
    The way of killing tomorrow's today.
    Losing time by the second hand,
    Will we fly so high, or just crash land?
    Even more questions no one can answer,
    Can we take our second chance or
    Just fall with the rest of time,
    Just sit and hear the death bells chime.
    Can we settle down and quit taking risks?
    Can we stop the contact between blade and wrist?
    Or will we decide to give up once and for all,
    And watch the weak and fatal fall?
    Can we be the last ones standing in a sea
    Of death and decay, and begin to see
    We can finally be free,
    Without blood, sweat, and tears?
    Can we finally turn and face our fears?

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