Standing For the Broken


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    Standing For the Broken

    Post by Shattered_Soul_98 on Sat Dec 13 2008, 19:31

    Open your Eyes
    Do you see the light shining In?
    Just take my Hand
    I'll be here til the End
    The things I write aren't just Words
    I hope when you feel down you think of Them
    Because I think of you Everyday
    I'm here to help when your light grows Dim
    The image people get when they look at You
    So judgmental of what you've come to Be
    A child bound by Darkness
    Isn't at all what I See
    Deep inside I see You
    For who you really Are
    A good person who's experienced Pain
    And it has left a Scar
    Maybe you feel Broken
    Like you just can't let Go
    But how much I really do Care
    You will never Know
    And I do know what it's like,
    To hold the hand of a loved one
    And have to let them go
    When it comes to happiness you have none
    And I do know what it's like,
    To end a good relationship
    But sometimes all you need is a good friend
    To get you through the hardship
    And I do know what it's like,
    To seem like suicide would be a favor to everyone
    But afterwards they will miss you
    When it's too late and done
    And I do know what it's like,
    To feel like no one will be there
    And all you wanna do
    Is pull out all your hair
    And I do know what it's like,
    To have a drunk for a mom
    And a father who doesn't care
    Making your rage exsplode like a bomb
    But now I know what it's like,
    To have a hand to hold
    Someone to listen to me
    Even when we grow old
    It's time for you to know what it's like
    To have me care for you
    Tell me all your problems
    Weather their old or new
    You feel so empty
    Not any of your heart you own
    But when you stand broken
    You don't stand alone

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