Fanclub Hints and Ideas


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    Fanclub Hints and Ideas

    Post by Yoyo on Thu Dec 02 2010, 00:32

    The old fanclubs mostly consisted of a thread where people spammed. The first post had a list of members and maybe a few flashy colors. But they can be so much more.

    Tips for Activity
    • Contests ▬ Give your members something to do: create images for sigs for advertising, create fanworks for your fandom, recruit members. Be creative. Ask for ideas for contests (that can be one, even!).
    • Ranks ▬ We can't make actual site ranks for the fanclubs, but you can create ranks in your fanclub! Find creative ways for members to rise through the ranks of your club. Donate money to it (for contest prizes, etc.), donate images, recruit members, win contests, post a lot. Anything that can be used for ranks can be used for contests and vice versa.
    • Invite discussion ▬ Have a question of the week (pertaining to your fandom), polls, etc. Again, be creative!
    • Update ▬ If you want an active club, you need to keep things updated. Update your members list, update contests, update opinion polls/questions, update whatever you have that you can update. PM your members about updates!
    • Look nice ▬ Have a nice layout for your fanclub. A messy, overly-worded design with ugly links all over the place is a turn-off. On the other hand, super fancy, flashy designs that cause epilepsy attacks aren't good, either. Some templates are located below to help get you started.
    • Be creative ▬ This is the most important part of running a fanclub. If you have no creativity, your members aren't going to want to join. Create things for them to do and encourage activity.

    Layout Helps
    If you don't understand the coding of the forums (BBCode), then this area can be super confusing. Newbies to BBCode should use the simple layouts given here. More advanced people can use, well, the more advanced templates.

    I am going to assume this is self-explanatory. You can make sure people stay entirely on topic instead of spamming or you can post requirements for joining (you have to have X posts in the forums, etc.). It's up to you.

    The Application Process
    It can be fun to know some stuff about your members. Create an application with both serious and goofy answer. Options include, but are not limited to:
    • Username
    • Title
    • Ninja or Pirate
    • Favorite character
    • Color
    • Gender
    • PMs
    • Their username, obviously.
    • A goofy nickname or something.
    • Goofy questions.
    • It's a fanclub; why not?
    • The color of their name in the members list.
    • If you want?
    • If they want to receive PMs concerning the club.
    These are entirely up to you. The above are simple suggestions. Use them or make your own. Just remember to keep it limited to a few (four is a good number). "Name" is highly suggested, goofy questions can be ignored.
    [b]Name[/b]: (your username)
    [b]Title[/b]: (title - optional)
    [b]Color[/b]: (for your name - make it pretty!)
    [b]Chocolate or Vanilla[/b]: (for funsies)

    Members List
    A list of members. Simple enough. You can put any and all information about your members that you want.
    Example (this includes that strange "color" and "title" option):
    Yoyo : The CEO of Confusion
    Bob : Get out of my face!
    -and so on and so forth-

    Layout Templates

    ▬ a very basic layout with some of the more important things to keep track of
    ▬ replace ALL CAPS with the appropriate things
    [center][img]URL OF AN IMAGE FOR YOUR CLUB[/img]
    [size=24]TITLE OF YOUR CLUB[/size]
    [spoiler]LIST YOUR RULES[/spoiler]
    [spoiler][code]YOUR APPLICATION GOES HERE[/code][/spoiler]
    [spoiler]YOUR MEMBERS GO HERE[/spoiler]
    Club News:
    [spoiler]UPDATE YOUR MEMBERS[/spoiler]
    Club Events:
    [spoiler]LIST YOUR CONTESTS/EVENTS[/spoiler]
    Sig Images:

    You can add colors, images, or whatever else you want to this. It's entirely up to you.
    Or you can totally disregard everything in this thread and do it yourself. Anything is game. We just want good, active fanclubs on WOTN and I wanted to give a few pointers to those who are interested. ^^

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