Anorexia Nervosa


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    Anorexia Nervosa

    Post by UreshiiQ

    Okay, before you ask/read this, I am not anorexic, and hope to never be!

    Well...I've known about anorexia...for a while. I remember the first time I really got what it was, was when I watched one episode of American Dad. Stan(Is that his name? xD;;) was feeling iffy about his weight. He tries a lot of things, like dieting and exercising. In particular, he meets this guy, who offers to become his personal trainer. He trains Stan hard, and makes him eat less. And yet, he feels down, because this is how he sees himself;

    When in reality, he looks like this;

    When I first saw this episode, it really made it click in my head. And it scared the hell out of me.

    And, as I ran.walked yesterday another thought really clicked in my head. When they say it's a disease, it really is a disease. You can't really force yourself into it. Mostly, anorexia is caused by feeling like you've lost control, or you feel FAT. When you feel you've lost control, one thing that you can control is your weight. So you figure, hey I need to lose a few pounds, anyway, it's not like it'll kill me! Gradually you cut back on your foods. First you take out the dessert items, like cake and cookies. Then you start taking out ALL that junk you used to eat. So many calories already lost! And maybe even sometimes, you'll get into running or some form of exercise, and work yourself super hard!
    But when you look in the mirror, you still see FAT. You then proceed to fake eating, and in some cases even start throwing up. You don't realize your ribs, spine, and other bones are poking through what little skin you have left. Your hair gets thinner, wispy. You can NEVER get warm. And the scariest thing you don't realize is that your body is slowly eating itself.

    And that is anorexia nervosa in a nutshell. That was taken from things I've seen and read, as long with symptoms I've read as well. :P
    This picture~

    is what dragged me into making this, even though I saw this picture in a video I saw, a week or two ago. Fortunately, it's never happened to me or any of my friends/family, and I hope it never does.
    Anorexia is more than an eating disorder, it could probably be classified as mental disorder, as well. And really, this makes me sad. A lot.

    And so I was gonna write a story on it, but I dunno. I found this Youtube channel, and it's kind of scaring me. The songs on it, called 'thinspiration' songs seem more like something that would SCARE them into not doing this! seems like many people are subscribed. I won't lie, some of the music is REALLY beautiful, but gosh~.

    I wonder~
    Are any of you familiar with Karen Carpenter? There's a movie about here, 'The Karen Carpenter Story' or something like that. It's an older movie, I saw it when I was younger. It was the first thing of anorexia I saw. I was a kid, I knew nothing of this. I just figured she was a silly person! Though I was sad she died.
    From what I remember from the movie, she and her family had a family band going on (in the '70s.). They were great~ After their first real performance, they read a magazine that reviewed it. The magazine complimented their great music, but went on to criticize Karen as being slightly chubby.

    You can't seriously tell me she's chubby. Oh well after there, basically she became anorexic.

    Honestly, she was very beautiful, and at the end of the movie when her mom talks to her, you think ":O she's gonna get better!" But right after that, it ends the movie with the words~
    "Karen Carpenter died February 4, 1983 of heart failure." And some other things. It was really saddening.
    P.S. She did gain weight, about 30 pounds because she was hooked to an IV tube and what not. It strained her weak heart~

    So yeah. That's about all I have to say on it.....
    Just thought I'd get that out there, because most people don't really realize what it is~ xD;;
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    Post on Wed Jun 23 2010, 21:43 by quater

    I know what Anorexia is.

    But let me put your heart at ease.

    Okay, so I looked up anorexic statistics and found it said 1 - 5% of high school girls are anorexic. At first I was worried, but then I saw a thing where it said: 80% of High School girls diet.

    What do they define as a diet? Being careful what you eat...aka what they have been telling us through school for years.

    Then I searched deeper and it's possible that 1% of teens have an eating disorder. But Anorexia is the least likely of the eating disorders to get.

    So once you start to clear the real statistics away only one in one thousand are likely to suffer from Anorexia. Even more, only 5% of people with Anorexia go untreated and die.

    So you're looking at a very very small amount of people. This is good news though! Cause to celebrate.

    Frankly Anorexia has been made a bigger deal in the media then it actually is. Not that I think it's good, or that I want it to be under paid attention, but there are lots of other conditions that get no screen time in comparison. And anorexia is very treatable, and very easily predicted. They aren't easy to hide their problems after a while.

    It's sad, very very sad. But luckily, it's not common. Only 8 people in Britain died of it in 2005. The country has like, 20 - 30 million people living there. So you do the math on how few people actually died of it. It's a sad condition, but we hear a lot more about it than actually exists.

    Just thought I'd tell you so you didn't worry ^_^;;

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