Do You Mean It? Chp. 5


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    Do You Mean It? Chp. 5

    Post by Ruri-chan on Mon Jun 07 2010, 01:10

    The next few years were tough. My uncle was constantly trying to cheer me up. Gontei had gone mute, most likely because he thought he was to blame. Sasuke understood, but he didn't know how to cheer me up. I blamed myself over everyone else. I was the one who wanted to take the walk. I was the one who had the damned curse mark on my neck.

    That was something I didn't tell Sasuke. I wasn't supposed to discuss it with anyone, and I obeyed without complaint. I didn't want to talk about the pain it had brought me. I didn't want to relive what seemed like days of non-stop pain.

    It was weird, attending the academy. Like I had predicted, I was two years older then all the other students. That didn't bother me as much as the fact that I wasn't in the same class as Sasuke. Sure Gontei, TenTen and Lee were in my class, but none of them knew my pain the way Sasuke had.

    They all noticed I was withdrawn. I would've been smiling and cracking jokes all over the place if that day had gone differently. I still smiled and laughed, but it wasn't the same. There was darkness in my eyes that showed my real feeling misery.

    Sometimes I was able to fool them into thinking I was actually happy. Truly I tried to be, but I couldn't. I wasn't able. Just like Gontei wasn't able to talk anymore, I wasn't able to feel happiness.

    Speaking of Gontei; he wasn't talking like I said, but he also was very protective of me. I knew why he was like that, but that didn't subtract from the fact that it was annoying at times. Every time we had a task to do in the academy, he would be at a reachable distance from me, just in case I needed help.

    It was annoying, and made me start training harder. I soon climbed to the best of the class. I was the Sensei's most valuable student. TenTen was happy for me and always wanted to train with me. Lee was extremely jealous and also wanted to train with me, but unlike TenTen, I made up excuses to get away from him.

    It has been so long since that day happened. But now, we're finally graduating from the academy. Today is the day that our teams are decided. I don't really have any preferences on who I get teamed up with. Except for one of the boys in our class, he is the biggest flirt I have ever met. He's not perverse or anything, but he is constantly flirting with at least one girl.

    His name is Shoji Haida. He has bright blue eyes that peek out from the bangs of his auburn hair. Yeah, he's good-looking, but that doesn't change that he's the most annoying kid I've ever met. And of course, he's droning in my ear about how psyched he is to finally be put on a team, and how much he wants to be on my team. He's probably given the same speech to TenTen and the other girls in the class. I wouldn't be surprised. Right now, all I want to do is punch his face inside of his stupid head.

    "I hope we get Kakashi Sensei," He whispers, yes he's assuming we will definitely be on the same team now. "My dad has worked with him, and he says he's known as the 'Copy Ninja' how cool is that?"

    I tune out his annoyingly perfect voice. The Sensei smiles at me, I return a grin. He calls out the name of my new team, "Popori Ikame, Gontei Ikame and Shoji Haida. You will be taught under Oricha Sensei."

    Are you serious? I can hear the yells of satisfaction from the super annoying boy sitting beside me. I glare at him, daring him to keep yelling. He stops immediately, but doesn't stop smiling ear to ear. I sigh then brush my dark hair out of my eyes.

    TenTen and Lee have been paired together, much to her dismay. They've been put on the same team as Neji Hyuga. He is an impressive student; he is right there beneath me in the grading department. The three of them will be taught under Gai Sensei.

    We are released to go to our new Sensei. The three of us walk to the training grounds. There is a woman waiting there for us. She has dark red hair pulled into two braids that run down her back. Her hazel eyes look almost golden as she smiles at us. She is dressed in a dark red kimono, with black shorts underneath.

    "Whoa, that's our Sensei? Hot!" Shoji says.
    I restrain myself from punching him in the head while Gontei rolls his eyes. When we reach Oricha Sensei, she greets us with a small voice.
    "Hello, little ones. I am your new Sensei. You will be training with me until you meet the Hokage's expectations. You are now, honorary Genin of the Leaf." She smiles a lot. Her face is naturally beautiful.

    She hands us each a forehead protector. Gontei takes his then ties it around his neck. Shoji puts his around his forehead traditionally, and I put mine around my upper arm.

    Oricha looks us over, "You all look well. I suppose I should test each of your skills. I will be fighting each of you one on one. First, I'll take Shoji."
    Shoji walks in front of her, and then takes a battle stance. Oricha smiles then does the same. Out of nowhere, wind starts blowing leaves around everywhere. So many leaves are blowing through the wind that it's hard to see. I look at Gontei; he seems to have gotten it already.

    I think back to the academy. It's Genjutsu. I think. I watch Shoji; he seems to not get what is going on. He's confused. I see a scratch appear on his cheek. The leaves are cutting him. I roll my eyes at Shoji. He was probably paying to much attention to the girls in class to have heard the lesson on Genjutsu.

    The wind stops blowing, and the leaves fall to the ground. Shoji is kneeling and panting like a dog. I didn't even get to see what his abilities are.

    I heard something drop behind me. I turned kunai in hand, and clash weapons with Oricha Sensei. She smiles at me.

    "Very good, Popori." She vanishes from view. I don't know where she is.
    Gontei is a different story. He dodges Oricha's attack easily.

    She smiles again; three of her appear in the area around us. I look to Gontei and he nods. We are blood anyway; we know what the other is thinking.

    "Release!" I yelled with my hands put together in the taught hand sign.
    The extra Sensei's vanish and we are back to our original states. Oricha smiles at me; she seems pleased with her new students.

    "Popori, Gontei, good work. Shoji, I think you need a little more training in the art of understanding Genjutsu." She said to us. "I'm looking forward to teaching you three to the best of my abilities. It's my job to guide you on the missions we take and to make sure you become strong enough to protect our village."

    I am excited. We are actually ninja of the Leaf! This is amazing. I can't wait to see what will happen, but even more I can't wait for the Chunin exams!

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