Do You Mean It? Chp. 3


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    Do You Mean It? Chp. 3

    Post by Ruri-chan on Thu May 27 2010, 09:17

    The next couple of weeks I spent at Suna were quite enjoyable. Kunkuro and I had become great friends after the Gaara incident. Everyday went pretty much the same way.

    I would wake up late, and then head out to find Kunkuro and Temari. When I found them, I would jump on Kankuro's back yelling, "Kuro-kun!" He would end up face first on the ground while Temari and I laughed at him. He would make a comment about me being especially happy to see him that day, making me blush. I would say I didn't know what he was talking about and Temari would start teasing me. After I got them to shut up, we would go play at the park or just run around chasing each other.

    And don't think that just because Kankuro warned me about him, I forgot all about lil' Gaara. Quite the contrary, actually. I tried to sneak to see him multiple times. But every time I got close enough to talk to him someone, whether it was Kankuro, Temari, or a random bystander, would get me away from him.

    Once I had managed to introduce myself to him. Only to be dragged away by Kankuro right after. What really bugged me about it was the fact that Kankuro had apologized to Gaara about my trying to speak with him. Like, I was committing a crime rather than a kindness by trying to become his friend. It bugged me so much in fact, that I refused to talk to Kankuro for the rest of the day. I had said hey to Temari, and then ran straight to my hotel room.

    The two were knocking on my door in ten minute intervals. I know, I counted in my head once. I ignored their pleas to try to get me to come outside. Kankuro even threatened to beat down the door, but I knew he wouldn't.

    I was really bored, though. So I did go outside through the window. I monkeyed my way up to the roof.

    It didn't take long for Kankuro to find me. "Popori?" he asked. "I'm sorry about the while Gaara thing. I just . . . didn't want you to get hurt is all." He added after my silence.

    I was ignoring him, he knew how I felt about Gaara, and so he continued. "You're my friend Popori. I'd have to kill myself or something if you got hurt and I knew I could've stopped it."

    This made me glance at him, but then I remembered I was mad at him and that I was refusing to talk to him.

    He sighed then grabbed my chin and made me face him. I looked down as he said, "I really am sorry, Popori." He tilted my head up so I was looking in his eyes, "Don't you believe me?"

    And before I could yell in his face, he kissed my nose. Yeah, it was a nose kiss, but it still made my cheeks redden and my heart beat against my chest.

    He gave me a look that signaled that he was still waiting for an answer. I sighed long and loud, and then looked at him sideways through my bangs grinning. (I had been wearing my hair down like he said I should ever since that second day at Suna.)

    That was my answer and he was going to have to figure what it meant on his own. I stood on the roof, and before he could stop me, jumped to the next balcony.

    I landed on the hand-rails with my feet, then just to show off a bit, fell to the next and landed in a hand stand. I kept this pattern until I was on the ground palm, foot, palm, foot. I peered up at Kankuro when I was on the ground. I saw him standing, looking half terrified, half amazed I wasn't dead. I giggled, and then ran off to find Temari.

    The last day at Suna was almost unbearable. I had woken up, and unlike the rest of my stay in the Sand Village, my father was waiting for me. He was already prepared a breakfast for us and everything.

    I looked at him quizzically but he just shook his head and gestured to my plate. I nodded then ate quietly, but quickly. As we were packing our stuff, I had a pang of sadness that hit me. I was going to miss Kankuro and Temari. They were my friends and I didn't want to leave them.

    But another part of me missed my friends in Konoha as well. I had already promised Sasuke that I would make it back home safe. He was my best friend back there, and he needed me there for him.

    As my father and I reached the entrance to Suna, I heard someone call my name. I glanced back and saw Kankuro and Temari running as quickly as they could to get to me. I smiled at them and waved. They smiled back and stopped in front of us, panting like dogs.

    "What . . . the heck? Not gonna say bye to your friends?" Kankuro asked with a smirk on his face.

    I laughed then looked at my dad. He nodded, giving me a few minutes with them, walking ahead.

    I looked at both of them. "I'm gonna miss you guys." I said sadly.

    Temari nodded, "We'll miss you too, Popori. But we'll see each other again one day. We're all going to be Shinobi. And I'm pretty sure that the Chunin exams are held in Konoha, so we'll be sure to meet you there! I promise!"

    She winked then hugged me. I hugged her back and turned to Kankuro.

    He was staring down while kicking the dirt with his sandal.

    "I don't want you to go." He sounded like he was pouting.

    I put a hand on his shoulder, "Hey, I don't wanna leave you anymore than you don't want me to leave. Like Temari said, we'll see each other again. She promised."

    He looked up at me and smiled slightly. When we hugged, a tear ran down my face. I really didn't want to leave Kankuro. He was a really good friend, and I trusted him with everything I could. I knew I would never forget him, and when we met next, I would maybe, just maybe, give him that kiss he ordered.

    When I pulled away he wiped the tear from my face and smirked, "Don't cry, you look like a baby."

    I stuck my tongue out at him, and then he added, "Bye for now, Popori Ikame."

    I smiled at him then stood up straight. I looked past them and saw Gaara sitting in a tree, watching us. He had come to see me off as well. I smiled to myself, and then turned to follow after my father. As I waved to all the sand siblings, I made a vow. The next time I saw Gaara, I would try to the best of my ability, to make him feel happiness.


    Stepping back through the gates of Konoha was weird. I hadn't seen the place in three straight weeks. I had almost forgotten the smell of Ichiraku's Ramen. I smiled as I eyed my three sisters waiting for us. I ran over to them and we got into a group hug.

    "Sweet! You're finally back!" Shinzi exclaimed while smiling wide. Her dark hair was put into two pigtails, her bangs hanging in her face. Her mud brown eyes went well with the freckles that were strewn across her face.

    Mi-ho nodded encouragingly and added, "We missed you so much! Gontei isn't fun to play dress up with." She laughed. Her sandy brown hair was also in two pigtails, but hers were put up tighter. They reminded me of Temari's hair style. Her mint green eyes shone brightly in the sun.

    Keime only smiled along with them, her almost neon blond hair flowing down to her shoulders. A single strand hung between her eyes, making a line between the two glowing sapphires.

    My father and I went over all the things that happened in Suna. I talked about Kankuro and Temari, while he spoke of the wonders of how Suna was built.

    I was about to tell Keime about Gaara, when I heard someone yell, "Pori-chan!"

    I turned to see Sasuke running towards us. His short raven hair and dark eyes showed he definitely had missed me.

    I smiled as he arrived, "Hey, Sasuke-kun."

    He jerked his head to the left, signaling that he wanted to talk. I nodded then followed him unnoticed. When we were alone, we walked to the park. Other kids were playing there. One was a blonde, and he seemed to be ignored by the other kids. He kind of reminded me of Gaara. Another had dark hair and a bored expression. He was sort of cute, and I had an urge to go talk to him, but then I remembered that I was talking with Sasuke. I didn't want to be rude to my best friend.

    We sat on the swings and he looked at me, "So how was it?" he asked like he wasn't completely lonely while I was gone.

    I sighed, "I made some friends." I said. I knew he would expect it, but that still didn't make me feel any less guilty when I saw the look on his face.

    "I knew you would . . ." He said all glum.

    Sasuke wasn't good with people. Not at all since what Itachi did to him. Our clans had been close from the beginning though. It had something to do with the Sharingan and my clan's kekke genkai. Apparently they went good together, and our clans just had to team up. So it was only natural that Sasuke and I had been best friends since we could use our hands.

    "Sasuke-kun . . . Don't give me that look. You know how social I am . . . I was bound to make friends with someone." I complained.

    He nodded, "Tell me about them?"

    I smiled, and then told him all about Temari and Kankuro. I noticed him chuckling, so I asked, "What is so funny?"

    "You like that sand guy." He said with a smirk.

    I couldn't stop myself from blushing, "W-what do you mean? I do not!"

    He chuckled again, "Yeah you do. Every time you say his name you get this look in your eyes." He clasped his hands together and held them to his chest, and got this dreamy look on his face. It was really annoying. "You love him or something."

    "I do not!" I yelled at him. This only made him laugh harder, and the growing redness on my face didn't help anything.

    I groaned, "Will you shut up? I still have more to tell you." He got a hold of himself, though the smirk never did leave. I had to tell him about Gaara. I needed to. I started to talk about it, only to be tackled off the swing by something.

    I groaned again as I saw who was sitting on top of me. "What do you want, Lee?"

    He stood, then with a twinkle in his eye, he said/yelled, "I would like you to play with me!"

    I looked at Sasuke; he didn't look like he was that into my story anyway.

    I would tell him later. I looked back to Lee and nodded. He smiled like an idiot then grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the playground. I looked around to see if anyone could save me. Bingo - Tenten.

    "Hey, Tenten!" I said, waving at her. She smiled then rushed over to me and Lee.

    "Popori, Lee, what's up?" She asked smiling at us.

    "Just got back from Suna." I told her.

    Both she and Lee looked at me with amazement. "The Land Hidden in the Sand?" Lee asked.

    I nodded then Tenten said, "Whoa, that's cool. Was it awesome?"

    I smiled then told them all about my trip to Suna. When I was done, they had the same reaction as Sasuke had. They were both giggling at me.

    "What?" I whined.

    They looked at each other then said in unison, "You totally love, 'Kuro-kun'!"

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