Gamaran And Kongou bancho


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    Gamaran And Kongou bancho

    Post by amaterasu

    Okay, I didn't talk about these two ones yet.


    Basically there is this Lord who has 31 sons

    He wants to know what is the strongest fighting style in teh world, so he sends his sons out to find a different style of fighting school, to fight in his tournament. So one son, the son of a commoner women, and thus looked down upon, goes to the Ogame dojo, which is rumored to be the style a man used to defeat 1000 soldiers in one battle.

    So, the Young Warrior Gamaran fights for his Dojo and faces man challengers. This series is becoming popular, and for good reason, it is a really exciting series

    Kongou bancho

    Another tournament style manga. basically a bancho is like a thug boss of an area in Japan, and this one, giant monsterous man, is trying to win it, for what purpose? We know not, yet...

    ANyway, he is a Man among Men, and has lots of honor in him

    Check these two series out

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    Post on Sat Jan 23 2010, 21:46 by quater

    The first one seems cool. But I still have to look through psyren.

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