Soulmates (A Morganville Fan Fiction)

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    Soulmates (A Morganville Fan Fiction)

    Post by Lil Kit Kat on Tue Oct 27 2009, 16:39

    A quick little fan fiction I did of a book series. The books are called Morganville vampires. The author is Rachel Caine.

    Part 1: The boy and the girl

    Clair had never seen twin vampires before in Morganville...

    They walked toward her with such speed and elegance, only vampires can pull off. There was a boy and a girl. He looked about the age of 17.The boy was tallish, and skinny, but he wasn't scrawny at all. He had muscles which could be seen slightly beneath his shirt. He had med-brown hair with faint blonde accents to it. He also had beautiful hazel eyes that seemed to change from a deep green to a warm brown. He was dressed in a dress shirt and black jeans accompanied by a studded belt and a matching studded bracelet. The girl was kind of short and skinny. She looked around the age of 13 or 14. She has lustrous med-brown hair with accents of light blonde in it. Her hair was straight flowing down her back, but it spiked and fanned out at the sides, making it wild. She had beautiful deep aqua-blue eyes that had had a ring of bright blue going around the irises of her eyes. Her eyes also seemed glow with a soft intensity to them. She was dressed in a simple black cocktail dress with boots, and a studded bracelet matching the one the boy had on. “Hello.” They said in unison.…

    The girl smiled fangs extended. "Hello, child. Let me introduce myself." She said. "I am known as Rayne." She said. The boy smiled affectionately at Clair and for that brief second in which he smiled, Clair could easily imagine him as his former human self. His smile also reminded Clair a bit of her boyfriend Shane Collins. The way the boy's smile was so kid-like and how he looked like a kid on Christmas day.
    But as soon as the boy's smile appeared, it vanished and there was no sign of it ever being there. The boy bowed politely and introduced himself. "Hello, I am Cad" Clair just nodded, stunned by how much she was reminded of Shane by this young vampire. Cad stood up and took Rayne's hand gently and caressed it lovingly. "And we are soul mates..." Cad, said with a coy smile.

    To be Continued...(?)

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