America was just invaded!


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    America was just invaded!

    Post by quater

    No sit down. Relax. You don't need to go fight.

    I found their secret plans. They're going to let us keep our laws. But, they're not going to follow them. If they ever break the laws, they're going to mount a huge defense of themselves and give judges to give themselves light sentences. But that's not all! They're also going to let judges give light sentences to all our criminals so that they continuously end back up on the streets. That's bad. But not even all of it. Instead, they're going to work on seizing people's homes by using batched evidence to say that there are environmental needs that must be taken care of. People, innocent people working on their homes may go to jail for years. There was already a case where a man moving sand around his yard was sent to jail for 8 years. But rapists will end up on the streets in 3.

    But that's not all. They're going to, naturally, take all our army and self defense measures and start to throw out all the money going to it. They're gonna say the whole world is tired of us being strong and force us to talk diplomacy to countries that hate us. After that, this invasionary force is going to make the world hate us by botching up rescue operations and refusing to give aide to people fighting for freedom world wide. Then, when people act on this hate against our country these people are going to say we deserved it, and afterwards they're going to give even terrorists lawyers so that they can have 'fair trials'.

    But that's still not all! They're going to start limiting our energy use saying that we spend too much energy. They're going to raise gas prices and say its to fix our roads but show no over all improvements in our roads. They're going to say things like toilets waste too much water and we should stop using them. They're going to start monitoring how much energy and electricity each house is going to get! In the country that first utilized electricity!

    If you think that's all, you're kidding. After that they are going to change our schools. They're going to attack every cultural artifact, such as that insane word 'God' and force people to be tolerant of everything. They're gonna teach whatever they want you to teach. And in one report they even said they didn't want to "teach us too much so that we didn't become dissatisfied with our lot in life." These schools will become often a haven for poverty, stupidity, and lower learning. As well as crime. They will throw more money at the schools then any other country on Earth, and the schools will continue to degrade. Teachers will be enlisted as nothing more than soldiers in their foreign government and work and teach directly for them. Students will know almost nothing about their history or culture and won't be able to tell you anything about how their own government works. And frankly, they will not care.

    After that, they'll attack any productive businesses. They'll take over car companies and force them to meet their standards while other countries will not have to. They'll take over healthcare and make sure that only the government can make you healthy. They'll also give out free money to people who don't have jobs. Anyone who succeeds will be deemed as having cheated the system. All their money will be confiscated legally by their government and given to people who didn't succeed because they automatically were 'less fortunate' and deserve it. Any businesses will be forced to jump through insane hoops to get going and to stay afloat. But at the same time they'll be demonized as evil and greedy.

    After that, the media will become almost one fauceted through this foreign government. Everyone will listen to the news they put out as fact. They will constantly attack those who disagree with them as everything from racist, and stupid, to downright below human and murderers. Any government worker that comes from our country will be immediately attacked savagely. Even their own children, handicapped children, will be the subjects of jokes in the media. The news will even cover up huge scandals and histories of officials so that people will never know.

    However, they know that other news faucets from our country will show up. So they will call all these, "Biased," and hate speech. They will say these news faucets incite riots and racism. And taking it off the "public airwaves" is for the good of everyone. They will then work to make it illegal to disagree with their point of view. And be sure, religion is just as susceptible to go. Any belief that contradicts with their foreign beliefs will automatically be attacked, slashed, and accredited to hate speech.

    But it'll continue. They'll find our minorities and make them unhappy. They will constantly tell all minorities that they are being cheated and that they are being forced to live a life unfair. They will do this, while taking away their freedoms and lowering their condition. These minorities will get a pass on hate speech and will be allowed to say how much they hate this country freely. They will then be encouraged to take back from others what was taken from then and attack their own country, at times. And when the wildest of them do, they will immediately be excused as merely trying to right injustice. While this is going on the majority will constantly feel as if they are oppressing and pushing down on the minorities. Their guilt will grow hugely so that they allow many unprecedented actions and laws to go unnoticed. Not that the media will have told them about them, anyway.

    After that they'll move on stripping away all moral cultural artifacts. The church will become a constant joke and counted on as an evil hate speech arena. The words "In God we trust" will be seen as an evil offensive statement. People will be told not to fly their flags because they are mean to others. People will be told not to have pride in their country because their country stands for oppression worldwide. People will be told that their economy is all wrong and they should allow for more government to help the poor. They will be told their language should be changed and allow for more than one language. They will be told they should mimic failing countries worldwide and to be constantly tolerant of other views. They will be told their laws are just sheets of paper. Their founders are evil slave holders. And that all wars are evil. Despite the fact that they took over through war or that this country was founded on war.

    They will challenge morality everywhere. They will say that morality is not real. We all have our own morals and you need to quit oppressing me. They will, however, call anyone from our country that screws up immoral. They will call them hypocrites. But protect their own with large media attacks. They will also turn our arts into a disgusting mess. They will pay for absolute trash, such as an artist's aborted remains or a cross in jar of pee and call it art. They will pay for Hollywood to make only movies that represent their views. And they will constantly give people unqualified to talk about politics platforms (such as celebrities).

    The onslaught continues. They will seize private property any chance they can. They'll destroy the very idea that people have the right to have something. They will demand equality in results at the expense every individual. They'll blame businesses, even when it was completely Government intervention that screwed up. They'll say economic times are hard, even when they're good. They'll constantly make every class bickering against each other. They'll say the middle class is shrinking and demand equality. Even when the Middle Class decreased because people were moving into upper classes.

    They'll make a big deal out of things that won't matter. They'll spend trillions of dollars, then turn around and blame our country's defense spending which is a tiny percent of the budget. They'll say trillions don't matter, but millions for defense do. They'll take apart our nuclear defense arsenal because we're evil and can't be trusted. But they'll spend millions on aborting fetuses in other countries. They'll spend trillions of dollars we don't have, and they'll do nothing to fix that. They'll just say we have enough to spend more. And then they'll spend more.

    Afterwards this foreign government will declare all opposition the antithesis of all that's good or right in the world. They'll say that only those who agree with them are thinking. They'll use colleges to shut out all opposition. They'll make the urban centers we used to be proud of into ghettos of trash. They'll argue we have no rights to guns. They'll argue women have the right to kill children they wish not to have. They'll argue we should give up all our power to an international community. They'll convince us our government is run on majority rule. Even though its not. They'll force us to read Miranda rights to terrorists. They'll breed politicians who don't think about their constituents but only their power. They'll use phoney science and claim a consensus to fulfill their objectives. They'll rewrite history so that people hate their country and have no understanding of economics or politics.

    They're still not done. They'll open our borders and allow anyone who wants to come to come. They'll then demand these people be made citizens because going back to their own countries would be harsh, even though they were never here legally anyway. They'll then call everyone racists. Because that's how debate is done. They'll create hundreds of agencies you can't even name to run government. They'll then appoint all their friends to high offices, despite horrible records. Even tax cheats to the head of the IRS.

    Is it over? Not quite. They'll finally take all the Government, and focus it in one spot. What was once a country that had huge local governments now has all its power stored in one spot. Not even a state. Its a tiny city in the north east corridor. And this one spot will control the entire country and make all its laws and decide everything about anything. The rest of the country will only get a say about what can be done to stop them once every 4 years. And they'll run a candidate who gets no scrutiny while calling anyone who runs against them idiots. And he'll take office in that tiny City. And that'll be that. Let's call that city, Washington D.C.

    Yikes. We've been invaded.
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