When love is an Affliction


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    When love is an Affliction

    Post by Shattered_Soul_98 on Tue Dec 09 2008, 19:52

    When love is an affliction,
    There's not much one can do.
    Despite the way you've treated me,
    I'm still in love with you.

    I am the wave and you the rock
    Against which I must break:
    Again, again the crushing jolt,
    The pain I can't forsake;

    Again, again the long retreat
    To safety, far from shore,
    And then again, I don't know why,
    The long trip back for more.

    Perhaps it is nostalgia for
    A long uncertain glow,
    Or just some hope so beautiful
    I cannot let it go.

    Perhaps it is the need to try
    For those who must depend
    On who we are and what we do,
    For whom this should not end.

    What evil makes you hurt me so,
    What defect of the heart?
    What sense there is no greater whole
    Of which you are a part?

    What lonely choice that only you
    Be served by what you choose?
    What hard, hard fear of losing what
    It is a gift to lose?

    I dream sometimes my waiting love
    Has made you turn again.
    But you care only for yourself,
    And I must love in vain

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