Beautiful Disaster


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    Beautiful Disaster

    Post by Shattered_Soul_98 on Mon Dec 08 2008, 20:10

    Youíre a paradox
    A contradiction;
    Youíre not real,
    Youíre simply fiction.
    I created you
    Inside my head,
    And now I live
    In dreams instead.

    You are perfection
    Within my eyes;
    And though Iím blind
    I still see lies.
    The pink in my cheeks
    The chills up my spine
    Youíre the cause
    Youíre falsely divine.

    A voice of velvet
    Quite inconceivable
    You canít be real,
    Youíre unbelievable.
    My mind is clouded
    With fantasies
    My visionís fogged
    I cannot breathe.

    Your invisible breath
    Is filling the air
    Donít wake me up
    From this nightmare.
    Because if I awake
    All I shall find
    Are memories which
    Will destroy my mind.

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