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    Location : in my Lalaland.
    Usergroups: Military
    Rank: Citizen
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    Location : In the Medical tent!
    Usergroups: Scorpion Gang
    Rank: Citizen
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    Location : Somewhere where i can find the piece of mind to keep from hurting someone. XP
    Usergroups: Cops
    Rank: Citizen
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    Location : in bed alseep most of the time
    Usergroups: Dragon Gang
    Rank: Citizen
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    Location : Behind you mwhahaha
    Usergroups: Lion Gang
    Rank: Citizen
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    Location : Kristinehamn, Sweden
    Usergroups: Mockingbird Gang
    Rank: Citizen
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Rank: Ryuujin
Current date/time is Fri Jun 22 2018, 12:50