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"We are we are, the youth of the nation~!!!!! XD
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Elite Anbu Division leader
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Hidden leave village,Konoha(petal,MS)
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Hiya Guys<3 its me caitlin..lolz but u can call me:Caitilin-chan, Caity-bug, Caity-chan or KK or Catie,lolz XD
Anyways...heres a bit bout me...(srys for the long list in advance XD)
Im 5ft.4in tall, i have deep blue eyes, dirty brown hair, kinda tanish skin,my bust is pretty big XD(you'll have to personally ask me the size tho XD),i like manga,anime,drawing,art,poetry,singing, skating,skateboarding,cooking,baking,shoppingsinging and writing songs or my band:Broken Angels(im the band leader an lead singer),hanging wit friends,making new friends,hugs,role plying,naruto shippuden,cosplaying,sewwing,Hot topic,Kohl'z,some pac sun stores....i also do multi-chaara role pley D we should totaly talk sometime dude!!!XD<3
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Deidara FC,Naruto Uzumaki FC,Tobi FC
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99 / 10099 / 100
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Naruto,Bleach,Rosario Vampire,Fallen Vampire,Pita-ten,Yugi-oh! GX,Princess Ai,Princess Ai:prism of light,
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Misa Misa XD
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Framing Henley, 3 Doors Down, My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, Green Day, P.O.D, System Of A Down, Sylosis, Santana, Cascada, AQUA, Blink 182, Panic At The Disco, Breaking Benjimen, Tantric, Apocoliptica, Metalica, Seether, Hinder, Daughtrey, Broken Angels (my Band)
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