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The Black Demon
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Owner of the Dragon's Cafe, A missing nin joint (yeah, I'm crazy, I know...)
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The Dragon's Cafe (Duh!)
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It's probably prudent to say that I hate the Akatsuki now... Except Itachi... He's not evil, so he can stay. And Zetsu... I'm not sure what he does, and therefore, I'm not touching it! So, if the Akatsuki hate you, feel free to come hang out in the Dragon's Cafe (Or befriend me... which isn't hard really), for the shelter that a crazy ex-anbu/missin nin/ whatever she feels like being today can provide.
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99 / 10099 / 100
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Way too many...
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umm... if you don't have time to read the manga list, you won't have time for this... it's just as long.
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