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    Fri Jul 16 2010, 04:38
    Message by PeinQAkatsuki - Re: Hey!
    Yeah I know right? D: Coz I know the font is something like Verdana which is what I'm using on my LF stuff on my Microsoft Word but still.... I can never get the color right D:

    OH! I be done :D


    “Oh heck-to-the-YES!” Pein exclaimed as she found the CD she was looking for in her cluttered room. “I just got this one too,” she added. “So glad I didn’t lose it.” She ran into her computer room and pushed the CD into the disk drive. She let the sound wash over her, and fill the room.

    “Ahh summer…” she said aloud. She had that habit, talking to herself when she was alone. Pein yawned and stared at the flashing patterns that the beat made on Windows Media Player. Shaking her head to clear the fuzziness that came over her vision, she sang to her favorite song as she opened her internet browser and began logging onto various sites.

    “Okay… first goes Facebook.” She double-clicked on the shortcut on her desktop. “Now, MySpace.” Two new tabs were opened. One was used for Myspace, the other for WOTN. “Okay, now that I have all of that opened…” She began logging into all of the sites and checking her messages.

    “MAN!” she exclaimed in annoyance. “People just aren’t interesting on MySpace anymore! Plus they’re being stupid… I mean, I honestly don’t care whether you’re missing your boyfriend. To be honest, that’s not a big deal when it’s once or twice. But when it’s every, freaking, three, minutes I tend to get annoyed…” Pein continued mumbling to herself as she logged out of all three sites. She sighed and looked at her colorful desktop wallpaper.

    “…I’m thirsty.” she finally proclaimed, walking down the narrow hallway to where the pop was at. The Wal Mart brand of Diet Dr. Pepper was all she had, but she popped the tab anyway. She walked sluggishly back into her computer room, straightening her red and black basketball shorts out.

    “I don’t know why I got the big size,” she complained. “I’m too short for these things… And these shoes hurt my feet… stupid wide feet…” Once she was sitting down again, Pein kicked off her red and black Etnies. She looked around her computer room, and began spinning in her chair.

    “THERE’S NOTHING TO DOOOOOO INNN THIISSSS TOWWWWNNNNN!!!!” she sang out. “I’MMMM SOOOO BORRRRREEEEED!!! I wish something interesting would happen.” As soon as these words were out of her mouth, she heard a crash, and saw a flash of light come from the bathroom down the hall.

    “What the frick was that?” she asked, furrowing her brow and walking out into the hallway, hearing voices bicker inside the room. She walked back into her computer room, putting her shoes back on and listening in to their loud conversation.

    “Ugh, really Ama?” a male voice said. “Why did you have to appear into a bathroom?”

    “Well I didn’t plan this!” another voice said. “I just hit the button and assumed we’d end up in a closet!”

    “Well we obviously didn’t now did we?”

    “Well SOR-RY!”

    Pein’s heart thudded as she neared the bathroom. “Uh,” she called out. “Who’s there?” She heard shh-ings from the inside.

    “Shut up Df!” the second voice hissed.

    “You shut up Ama!” Df replied. “You’re the one who’s shouting at me!”

    “You started it!”

    Pein stopped. “Dude. Seriously. Who’s there? I’ve got… fists of fury?”

    The voices hushed again. Soon, the one that Pein figured was “Ama” cleared his throat and called out “This is Amaterasu and Darkflame. Who are you?”

    “Uh. I’m… wait. What are you talking about?”

    “Are you…” there was a rustling of paper.

    “Dude you know her name!” Df hissed in annoyance.

    “OH! Yeah, are you PeinQAkatsuki of Storm on WOTN?”

    “Er. Maybe. What’s it to you?”

    “Everything.” The voice sounded devious, which didn’t make Pein relax. She shoved the bathroom door open and hit one of them in the stomach with the knob.

    “Uff!!” he exclaimed before doubling over. The other one looked at her and sighed.

    “Okay I don’t care who you are, but you’re coming with us for hitting my partner with a doorknob. I’m sure you’ll be useful anyway.” Pein didn’t have time to react before all she knew was darkness.

    It's longer on my word document...

    Anyway~ Oh I see :O Darn viruses!

    I've never actually listened to the instrumental versions before! :O

    I will await, dear. A patient of eternity, my crush. A universal still, no rust. No dust will ever grow on this frame, one million years I will say your name. I love you more than I could ever scream...
    -"The Mortitian's Daughter" by Black Veil Brides

    Wowmazintastic Buddies: Darnás and Pein!
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    Sat Jul 10 2010, 00:53
    Message by Titaniumxvx - Your lovely book Recommendation.
    I didn't like it but I kind of did because it made me think.
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    Wed Dec 09 2009, 22:40
    Message by JJDOMER45 - Just Wondering
    This is a real cool forum site. Are you the creator or just a moderator, and if you are the creator, How did you make this site?
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    Wed Nov 25 2009, 13:51
    Message by Dark Pearl

    no one to talk to, to care for,nothing at all. just a dark place foretold ~dark pearl~
    MY sister: Reshii-chan

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    Sat Sep 19 2009, 23:17
    Message by shiryu
    wat do i do again
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    Wed Jun 10 2009, 01:43
    Message by NarutoBoyFreakah
    Happy birtdayyy

    hurhur 8DD
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    Wed Jun 10 2009, 01:06
    Message by CrispinFreemanWatcher16
    Well technically..its 10:06pm my time...already Wednesday ur time soooooooo....HAPPPPYYY B-DAY QFIKI QSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *woot* wowzzz 18!! Legal and all Q~~ XD well hopes u have a awesome 18th celebration dude!

    We're young and in love
    Heart attacks waiting to happen
    So come on closer, tell me its all in our heads
    We're young and in love
    Heart attacks waiting to happen
    So come a little closer, tell me those three little words

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    Tue May 26 2009, 22:31
    Message by NarutoBoyFreakah
    hello! :3

    hurhur 8DD
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    Tue May 19 2009, 15:42
    Message by Brinckmyster - I am, believe it or not... alive!
    Heya Q! Dazed hope you remember me... I'm sneaking on right now instead of taking a shower like I should be Hot and sweaty anyway, just wanted to let you know I haven't completely forgotten WOTN! In fact, I'm on here right now doing research for IDAC (my fanfic I started way back when) Drowning myself Anyway, assuming I get some employment, I'll be back here and becoming a medical jounin ASAP! Smart

    oh, btw - what are the names (and meanings of the names) of our clans within the Sand village? I\'m Dead

    Oh look! I'm alive!

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    Tue Apr 14 2009, 17:27
    Message by naruto13227
    I thought you might like this


    naruto rocks...



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