well grr


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    well grr

    Post by wayofthewaffle

    today my dad came barging in my room at 8:oo to wake me up and now i'm no longer living with him. i didnt go completley by choice...i was kicked out, and i couldn't be happier. for once i'm not feeling stress or nothin... i feel new and refreshed , NOW TO GET A NEW FONE!! i had to leave my fone with him so my sister could use it. now my grampa is gunna get me a fone. when? I HAVE NO IDEA! isn't it exiting? i love not knowing these things! almost as much as i love chocolate -strokes chocolate obsessivly- hehehehehehe... now to relax..
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    Post on Mon Dec 27 2010, 04:11 by Lunami

    Sounds interesting. G'luck!

    You moving in with your grandfather now?

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